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Meet ITEN – A Leading Developer And Manufacturer Of EcoFriendly Solid-State Lithium-Ion SMD Micro Batteries

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Below is our recent interview with Alain Jutant, Chief Revenue Officer, VP Sales and Business Development at ITEN:

Q: Alain, what is ITEN?

A: ITEN is the leading company developing and manufacturing ecofriendly solid-state lithium-ion SMD micro batteries. Such micro batteries are rechargeable In a few minutes and can deliver power over a wide operating temperature range. They are used in many applications as back-up power supply, or to power autonomous sensor nodes or in applications like asset tracking and monitoring, smartphone peripherals, smart cards, medical devices, home and building automation, smart cities, wearables, and e-textiles.

ITEN is an Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) controlling the complete value chain from material synthesis and formulation to packaging, assembly and test of the finished products.

ITEN have been granted more than 200 patents worldwide so far.

Q:  Any highlights on your recent announcement? 

A: During Electronica, ITEN also demonstrated an autonomous asset monitoring or sensor data logger solution, including temperature/pressure sensors and a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) System-on-a-chip, and powered by the combination of an indoor photovoltaic cell and ITEN’s powerful rechargeable SMD micro-battery of only 100µA.h. The solution operating 24/7 can send data every 10 seconds during the day and every 4 to 5 minutes during the night (this frequency could be increased if using a 250µA.h micro-battery instead). By comparison, a coin cell of at least 100mA.h would be required to get the same operating conditions but with a limited lifetime. By extension, similar designs could be used in applications like BLE asset tracking, BLE tags, beacons, and sensor data loggers.

By doing so, ITEN clearly reassert their strategy to progressively replace most of the very polluting coin cells (costly to assemble and recycle) used worldwide by ecofriendly rechargeable SMD micro-batteries containing neither heavy metals, nor toxic materials, nor organic solvents and showing a carbon footprint 200 to 1000 times less compared to coin cells.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your offering?

A: ITEN currently offer 100µA.h and 250µA.h micro-batteries with very high C-rates (More than 120C), they are delivered in tiny 1812 packages (4,5 x 3,2). Thanks to their 3D technology, ITEN can easily customize the form factors of their micro-batteries (either very thing or very long form factor for instance). Even if they are able to store energy for much longer times than supercapacitors, such micro-batteries can be recharged at constant voltage; The charging circuit can be thus very simple and with a low Bill-Of-Material, since no specific Battery Management System (BMS) is required. The micro-battery self-adapts its internal resistance depending on the state of charge.

Last but not least, such batteries are solid-state and are totally safe, with no risk of explosion or thermal runaway.

Q: What can we expect from your company in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: ITEN will expand their global sales network and add distributors and manufacturer’s representatives as well.

The production ramp-up will go on with a significant extension of the current production site, located nearby Lyon (France).

New products with higher battery capacities will be made available to customers to address applications requiring even more power.

Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: Last October, ITEN closed a financing round of 80M€ in equity to expand their production capacity and their sales network.

This will also enable ITEN introducing new powerful micro-battery products featuring higher capacities and developing new technologies with much higher energy densities.

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