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Meet Ketch – An Easy-To-Use Software Designed To Help Businesses Automate The Process Of Remaining Compliant With Data Regulations

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Below is our recent interview with Tom Chavez, CEO & Co-Founder of Ketch:

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe Ketch?

A: Ketch is an easy-to-use software that is designed to help businesses automate the process of remaining compliant with data regulations. Users can create their own “privacy postures”, or customized privacy settings to determine how compliant they want to be.

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Q: What are key features of your platform?

A: Ketch provides a ‘set it and forget it’ regulatory response and data infrastructure by automating privacy compliance, comprehensively controlling and securing data, and building secure, regulation-proof software faster.

The implementation process on your website is streamlined to make it easy for you regardless of your company’s size, to test. It also allows you to specialize your privacy posture, which is the way you define your privacy brand. Your company is allowed to determine if you want Ketch to be used to make sure you’re GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, and so on. Users are also allowed to change their privacy posture whenever they want.

Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: Our ideal customer is anyone that processes consumer data. For example, banks managing sensitive trading and financial data, healthcare companies sharing patient and drug discovery data, exposure notification apps safely storing, sharing and restricting personal data, and marketers measuring spend effectiveness with advertising.

Q: You’ve recently raised $23 Million in Series A funding; can you tell us something more?

A: We’re excited to have raised $23 Million in this round from CRV, super{set}, Ridge Ventures, Acrew Capital and Silicon Valley Bank. We plan to use this funding to primarily grow our team and scale our platform. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply and become a part of a company revolutionizing privacy data management. Companies know they have to be privacy first and we’re excited about helping companies remain compliant with our set it and forget it approach.

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Q: What can we expect from Ketch in the next 12 months?

A: Our goal is to enable regulatory enforcement for personal data and become a trusted ”Personal Data Vault” for consumers across the globe. With that in mind, over the next 12 months, Ketch will focus on growing and scaling our brand to reach customers in a global market.

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