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Meet Let’s Go Player 1 – Fifteen Hardcore Video Gamers Battle To Make Professional Team And eSports History

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Below is our recent interview with Thomas Sanne, Director of Hiventure Media and Supervising Producer of Let’s Go Player 1:

Q: What is “Let’s Go Player 1”?

A: Let’s Go Player 1 is Hiventure’s latest project. It aims to bring competitive gaming to the mainstream by becoming the meeting point between eSports and Reality-TV.

Q: How does it work?

A: In this factual-entertainment talent-competition, against the electrifying backdrop of international eSports, we watch our squad of misfit gamers chosen from the public go all-in. They risk their dreams, relationships, and livelihood to pursue superstardom in competitive gaming. Picked from the public in a gruelling tournament, these fifteen hardcore cyber-athletes battle to make our professional team and eSports history. We watch as they challenge each-other, the odds, and themselves to become champions. Presented by famous hosts and casters, coached by superstars, aided-and-abetted by icons of competitive gaming that mentor and challenge them, only five will make the cut. We follow on camera 24 hours a day, capturing their struggles and rise.

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Q: Why should the audience care?

A: For once they will be able to truly identify. In fact, the stakes for our characters are exceedingly high and this jeopardy is shared with the audience: the competitors are members of the same public. Our candidates are picked through an open tournament (both online and during a 3-day event in Luxembourg), and do not have to be professionals nor belong to a team. True, they must be masters of the game, but are normal people of the same age and with the same desires, needs, and passions as those watching at home. We care because we have the privilege of being witness to their adventure from the very beginning, when they are diamonds in the rough. And watch them transform from the underdogs into battletested champions.

Q: Who else can benefit from “Let’s Go Player 1” project?

A: We are strong believers there are many benefits to be gained for all those involved, as we become a new paradigm in bridging the gap between mainstream channels and the exhilarating world of esports. On one side, we put a generation back in touch with a format they appear to have lost touch with, and on the other we legitimize eSports and videogames in general, redeeming them in the eyes of the mainstream to overcome their stigma.

Q: What are the plans for the future of the series?

A: We are strong believers in the universality of video games and in the “exportability” of our format. Therefore, not only we aim to launch various editions of our show, one for every major eSport “discipline”, but also wish to expand beyond our territorial boundaries. In fact, after shooting the first season of the series in Luxembourg, we will start bringing it abroad, not only in Europe, but also in the Middle East, the Americas, and possibly Asia. No matter where you are, your local “Let’s Go Player 1” will be there to scratch your itch for eSports entertainment.

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Q: What’s the best thing about “Let’s Go Player 1” that people might not know

A: Hiventure Media is developing the project together with leading European production and commissioning entities, and some of the greatest names in eSports. Stay tuned for more exciting news concerning our outstanding partners and the growing team!

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