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Meet Nugbase – An Independent Gaming Company Focused On Building For The Ethereum Ecosystem

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Read an interview with Andrei Edell, the Founder of Nugbase:

Q: Can you tell us something more about the company and your team?

A: We’re a 6-person independent gaming company focused on building for the Ethereum ecosystem. We believe that in the future, crypto will enable a gigantic inter-game trading economy to form. You will be able to freely send items between games, on open marketplaces similar to the Steam Marketplace. Nugbase is hoping to create one of the best early crypto games, and entertain everyone involved by innovating in this wild new space.

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Q: What exactly is Flowerpatch?

A: Flowerpatch is a multiplayer farming game centered around creating useful and genetically unique strains of cannabis. You take the role of a peace-loving koala, who manages a small farm. As you plant, grow, and harvest various strains of cannabis, you unlock new stages of gameplay and automation. Perhaps you build sprinklers and automatic soil rotation systems, or control lighting with additional lamps. Flowerpatch aims to be a casual, collaborative experience for those low-stress afternoons.

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Q: Why Cannabis?

A: We at Nugbase believe that cannabis has an incredible power to heal people, and solve many of humanity’s problems. It has been shown to be very effective for controlling seizures, sleeping peacefully, stimulating creativity, and dealing with trauma. Additionally, “hemp” has always been a fantastic material for making all kinds of durable fabrics and ropes. It’s tragic that such a noble and useful plant has been villainized. With Flowerpatch, we want to treat cannabis with a ton of respect, and show the world just how great it can be.

Additionally, I think that cannabis is rapidly coming into acceptance amongst gamers and younger people. It’s no longer some kind of massively taboo thing that you can’t talk about. Instead, it’s a booming industry that will probably be bigger than tobacco. At the same time, there are almost zero quality cannabis games anywhere on the market, so we believe this to be an opportunity.

Q: What are FLOWER Cards?

A: Our genetically unique cannabis strains are each represented using an Ethereum-powered FLOWER Card, that shows the strain’s appearance, as well as its statistics. FLOWERs can be bred together in order to create never before seen combinations. Since the FLOWERs are Ethereum tokens, they can be freely transferred to anyone with an Ethereum address, and traded on 3rd-party markets.

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Q: What’s the purpose of the SEED & NUG tokens? What are the benefits for end users?

A: SEED token is produced (or “minted” in crypto terminology) as a result of FLOWERs being harvested in the game. This token forms the backbone of our game’s economy. The analogy would be World of Warcraft “gold”: players use it to trade items or pay each other for services. The currency is inflationary in nature, has no fixed cap, and there will not be any kind of initial coin offering for it. It’s purely an economic token for our game.

NUG token is designed to be a fun gift card. It allows a Flowerpatch player to redeem some physical cannabis from a partner dispensary in their area. The NUG token is not freely tradeable, and has no value except as a non-transferable gift card to redeem cannabis. NUG tokens will be randomly granted to players as they harvest FLOWERs (based on the FLOWER’s genetics, of course). We think this will be a fun extension to the game, and allow us to cross-promote with physical dispensaries.

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