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Phonic Helps Businesses Interview Their Customers In An Online, Asynchronous Way

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Phonic builds surveys that can be answered with voice or video. Most people dread taking surveys and they are an increasingly unreliable way to generate feedback. Phonic allows people to answer open-ended questions with voice, generating significantly longer, more descriptive and more complex responses. Phonic also provides voice and video analytics to quantify this otherwise qualitative data. Below is our recent interview with Mitchell Catoen, Co-Founder & CTO at Phonic:

Q: What is the impact of the current situation on your business?

A: We help businesses interview their customers in an online, asynchronous way. COVID has turned the world into one where Zoom calls seem to be the main way of reaching people and we provide an alternative that allows you to scale this communication 1:N.

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Q: This was one of Phonic’s most successfully attended seasons yet. What have you found audiences are drawn to that keeps them coming to your website?

A: Communication is a big problem right now, and tools which make it easier are likely to see a boost. In the world of market research, focus groups and qualitative research methods are hard to execute and we’ve been a great replacement.

Q: How can clients benefit from using Phonic?

A: Phonic can help any business that wants to have better, qualitative communication with their customers, users or employees. Phonic is a drop-in solution for any business conducted structured interviews or online surveys.

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Q: What are your goals for next 12 months?

A: The next 12 months will include a full launch of our public API, improved analytics and even more growth among forward-thinking businesses looking to get value from voice or video.

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