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Meet Response Mine Interactive – Direct Marketing Services Company Serving Enterprise-Level Wellness, And Health, Retail And Home Services Clients

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Response Mine is direct marketing services company serving enterprise-level wellness, and health, retail and home services clients. Below is our recent interview with Ken Robbins, CEO at Response Mine Interactive:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Response Mine Interactive?

A: All our clients have aggressive growth and expansion goals and committed to measuring everything about their marketing. We don’t do branding or PR or logo development work, but primarily focus on media management and optimization across all online channels from search, to Amazon, to social, display and video.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: We cause companies to grow through rigorously optimized marketing so our best clients think that marketing should directly drive sales and customer (or patient) acquisition. We are committed to a future of helping people get healthy so any brand who’s mission it is to support or create health can be a client of ours- fitness companies, wellness and outdoor lifestyle companies and certainly healthcare and medical fit into this definition. Some examples of our clients are Mayo Clinic,, Comfort Medical, Salt Life.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about your services for Wellness and Fitness industry?

A: The world of healthcare is being turned on its head from the growing waves of health consumerism. There are new products like fitness and health wearable devices and performance clothing. The clean eating trend is causing rapid expansions of the organic and non-GMO and vegan food categories. Even the way healthcare is delivered is getting disrupted with people under fiftey now preferring full-service Urgent Cares over having a primary care physician. What all of these have in common is they are ways of helping people get healthy, get well and stay fit. We developed to serve these companies in their mission. To that end we help them to implement more powerful customer and patient growth strategies, particularly using digital channels. We’ve taken our retail and appointment setting experience and translated it for wellness and healthcare to show them how to attract more customers.

Q: What can we expect from Response Mine Interactive in next four months?

A: Our near term objective is to roll out a Healthcare Digital Playbook- specifically for hospitals and large medical enterprises. This playbook is a roadmap of not only best practices, but also “how-tos” on implementing marketing like paid social, SEM, call center scripting and analytics. It’s a very exciting product which a smart team can use to radically transform their marketing results.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your Digital marketing services?

A: Our core services were built on paid search and SEO since 2001. Currently we have over twenty-five million keywords under management for clients. We offer Amazon feed optimization services for health retail clients as well as customer segmentation, persona development to deploy in social media, content and display marketing. The backbone of all our digital marketing for clients is our analytics stack built around DOMO. Most companies can’t see what’s happening and rely on their agencies to share reports. We establish seats for our clients and build real-time logins and dashboards for executives and managers. They can see campaign and media performance and this insures we’re aligned with their long term and seasonal goals.

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Q: What makes Response Mine different from other agencies?

A: My first inclination is to list off things like our incredible inbound sales call center- where we set appointments for clients. Or, the deep devotion to insights and analytics to share with clients, but I think what surprises many people is client longevity. Our six largest clients have been with us an average of eight years and our largest two clients over eleven years. I can trace this back to one critical thing- a commitment to Trusted Advisor training for all our senior staff. This puts the account and media teams in close alignment with our clients who often have chaotic and hyper-competitive business environments. The book Trusted Advisor transformed us and then our clients’ experiences with us.

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