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Meet Sponsored Profit – A Profit-Driven PPC Management Agency That Helps Amazon Sellers Grow Their Business

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Sponsored Profit helps Amazon sellers scale their business with profit-driven Amazon Advertising campaigns so they can make more money, increase market share and grow their business.

Below is our recent interview with Laura McCaul, Co-Founder at Sponsored Profit:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Sponsored Profit?

A: Sponsored Profit is a profit-driven Amazon PPC management agency. We exist because Amazon is growing by 37% year-over-year yet so many sellers are not keeping pace and as a result, are leaving a huge amount of money on the table.

The problem is most sellers don’t know how to increase their sales with Amazon Advertising profitably. They’re making a fraction of the sales they deserve while the competition passes them by. It’s frustrating.

We believe sellers have worked too hard to not maximise their business’ potential for success. That’s why we want to take the stress of managing campaigns off the seller’s plate so they can focus on what they’re good at: running their business.

Q: What key benefits does your business offer sellers in the Amazon space?

A: Over the last 3 years, we’ve developed and perfected a systematic approach to optimizing and scaling profit-focused Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ad campaigns.

When you have scalable, profit-focused Amazon Advertising campaigns, you can:

• Make more money with highly optimized, scalable PPC campaigns that drive profit like clockwork
• Increase market share by dominating your category while maximising, not sacrificing, profit
• Build a business you can sell for the biggest payday because a profitable business is a desirable business

Q: What can you tell us about your customers?

A: We help Amazon sellers who have big dreams for their businesses. Our customers are ambitious, entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand on Amazon, invest at least $10,000 per month in ad spend, and would like us to personally manage their PPC so they don’t need to give Amazon Advertising a second thought.

Q: Can you share some customer success stories?

A: We don’t just care about our clients’ PPC, we care about their business. In fact, we care about our clients’ businesses almost as much as they do! We’ve helped more than 100 brands generate over $50MM in profitable sales on Amazon. Our PPC partners enjoy an average increase in profit of 294% within 12 months.

Q: What is happening now in Amazon Advertising? It seems to be changing rapidly.

A: Amazon is becoming an increasingly more ‘pay to play’ platform. Paid ad placements are taking up more and more real estate with very few, if any, products in the search results above the fold that aren’t a paid placement. As a result, Amazon is constantly releasing new enhancements, products and tools for advertisers along with more places to advertise so they can get their products in front of customers.

To find out how Sponsored Profit can help you grow a wildly profitable Amazon business, visit our website and schedule a FREE discovery call.

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