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Meet STIGroup – A Cybersecurity Consulting, IT Engineering, And Managed Services Firm

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STIGroup is a cybersecurity consulting, IT engineering, and managed services firm. Below is our recent interview with Dominic Genzano, CEO at STIGroup:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe STIGroup?

A: We provide a comprehensive suite of services that focus on implementing meaningful technical and procedural controls that quickly and effectively achieve results for our clients. In addition to the cybersecurity consultants and analysts that implement and maintain cybersecurity programs for our clients, we have a high level of IT engineering talent on staff that executes on complex technology implementation and integrations, and provides these services with cybersecurity best-practices in mind, resulting in secure technology implementations that protect our clients from ongoing and emerging threats to information security. Our Human Capital Solutions division addresses the human element, helping our clients source and interview personnel, and provide ongoing professional development for their cybersecurity and IT personnel.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: STIGroup provides fully integrated, high-value, services in cybersecurity, IT, and Human Capital solutions that enable our clients to achieve their cybersecurity and IT objectives in alignment with their business priorities. Rather than offer commoditized products and point-in-time engagements, we partner with our clients to make sure that they’re clear on where they are, where they need to be, and put together an appropriate plan to get them there; then we provide the resources necessary to execute on the plan and achieve the objectives. The nature of our services is that we maintain relationships with our customers for the long term, expanding and contracting our involvement to give our clients what they need as conditions evolve. By addressing the human element through our Human Capital Solutions, we assist our clients in building their own effective teams, achieving the optimum balance between outsourced services and in-house productivity.

Q: Where do most businesses fail when it comes to cybersecurity? Isn’t it simply following the rules?

A: The ‘rules’, whether they be based on a cybersecurity controls framework, regulatory requirements, or applicable legislation, simply provide a list of required and/or recommended technical and procedural components of a cybersecurity program. It is true that most businesses can achieve a reasonable cybersecurity posture by ‘checking the boxes’, but this approach often results in gaps in the cybersecurity program that represent real and significant risk the business. A business may select an endpoint security product, but one that doesn’t cover the vulnerabilities inherent to their business applications and processes. A business may select a managed security service provider, but one that does not provide them with all of the protective services that they need. A business may select a firewall technology, but not implement it properly, thereby introducing an unacceptable level of risk to their systems and information. They may lack the in-house resources and expertise to effectively implement or manage the components of their cybersecurity program; moreover, if a business doesn’t have the expertise in house to deal with these challenges, how can they effectively evaluate the options in personnel, technologies, and services under consideration? Experienced cybersecurity leadership, with a programmatic approach, backed by the right talent and partnerships, is required for businesses to effectively navigate today’s threat landscape and make effective decisions. This is what STIGroup brings to the table.

Q: Who are your clients? Which types of businesses can use your solutions?

A: STIGroup focuses on small-to-medium sized businesses that deal with critical information. Boutique financial firms, insurance companies, law firms, Ecommerce companies and healthcare organizations are among our key clients. We deal with complex clients in unique niches such as political think tanks, aerospace firms, and mass transit. The common thread among STIGroup’s core client base is that we deal with businesses who are looking to go beyond ‘checking the box’ with regard to cybersecurity controls, and implement a cybersecurity program that truly manages risk to the organization in alignment with their business priorities.

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Q: What are some of the main objectives for STIGroup in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: STIGroup continues to grow our business by providing high-value ‘white glove’ service to clients dealing with the challenges of protecting sensitive information and systems in a fast-evolving threat landscape. By continuing to integrate our cybersecurity, IT, and Human Capital solutions to provide a comprehensive program, we’re positioning ourselves for controlled growth that allows us to maintain a high-level of service delivery and value to our clients, while expanding our service offerings to include innovations in cybersecurity program management, threat hunting, cloud computing, and resource assessment and development.

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