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Meet Stormkit – A Next-Gen Hosting And Deployment Tool For Javascript Applications

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Below is our recent interview with Savas Vedova, the Founder at Stormkit:

Q: What is Stormkit?

A: Stormkit is a next-gen hosting and deployment tool for javascript applications. It helps you focus on your application by providing a solution for most common technical challenges, such as deployments, feature flags, remote configuration, staged rollouts, hosting, scaling and TLS certificates.

Q: How does it work?

A: Stormkit integrates perfectly with your git flow. It listens to git events and builds, deploys and scales your javascript application seamlessly. Behind the scenes, Stormkit is powered by AWS. Each deployment is immutable and long-lived, meaning that Stormkit provides a unique endpoint for each of them. This opens the door for many powerful features like being able to instantly rollback your application or rollout your application incrementally with the help of a slider.

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Q: Who would be your ideal user and why?

A: Stormkit was built having in mind use cases for product teams. While it also works for hosting simple landing pages, it was designed to provide maximum value for complex applications. Usually product teams need to do UX tests, enable/disable features remotely and instantly or rollback an application quickly if something goes south. Users having these use cases can leverage Stormkit’s powerful features easily.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: Stormkit supports both Serverless and static applications. On top of the features mentioned in the previous answers, it’s also possible to inject and manage third party scripts instantly. For instance, the UX team can inject a Hotjar script, do their monitoring and then disable the script. All of this happens instantly without the need for a deployment. Powerful, isn’t it? Alternatively, it’s very easy to deploy throw-away branches into production. This allows conducting complex UX tests and verifying ideas without polluting the master branch. Deployment previews and having multiple development environments for different configurations are amongst the other powerful features.

Q: Tell us something about your pricing?

A: Currently, our pricing is mostly based on the number of application a user would like to host. We have 3 different paid packages and a free package. Details can be found under pricing. We’d also like to share that the pricing model will change soon. We’re well aware that limiting the number of applications is not a good solution because technically hosting one application or 10 applications does not have an effect on the amount of work we need to provide. We’re planning to switch to a feature-based pricing model. Developing and maintaining features is the real cost, therefore we’ll shape the pricing packages to reflect these use cases.

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Q: What are your plans?

A: I guess this is the first time I announce this publicly. We’re working on making Stormkit open-source to leverage the power of our community and become completely transparent. We also have some very cool ideas in mind which so far we got very positive feedback. However, I’m afraid I can’t share them here as they’re still in the process of verification.

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