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MemberSuite Harnesses The Power Of The Cloud To Enable Modern Organizations To Accomplish Every Activity They Need

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MemberSuite, founded in 2008, is the premier software and services provider of association management software (AMS) solutions for associations and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. MemberSuite harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver enterprise systems that enable member-based organizations to accomplish every activity they need to serve their constituents at an affordable price. With dozens of modules, a fully-customizable platform and a dedicated professional services team, MemberSuite is purpose built for this market.

Below is our recent interview with Natalie Cheney, CEO at MemberSuite:

Natalie Cheney

Q: How does your technology help organizations?

A: We help unsilo data for associations by pulling all their data together for a seamless integration of their information. We align the specific needs of an underserved market with our enterprise system offering events, membership, financials and more all under one umbrella.

MemberSuite is the first and only SaaS association management software with extensibility at its core. With one codebase that all of our customers use, when we make updates or enhancements to the product, it is made on that codebase, providing constant innovation to all of our customers – at no cost. So, our customers are always on the latest version.

Our system can mold itself to fit various business processes, eliminating the need for customization, maintenance costs and data silos. Plus, our system can support any organizational changes and growth, making it the last AMS an organization will ever need to implement.

Q: How is MemberSuite different than other association management software programs?

A: We are different from other AMS solutions in many ways. First, we like to think of our customers as partners. We’ve just launched our No Surprises Guarantee which promises up front pricing, as well a detailed customer journey map. Each customer has a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who knows their organization intimately and can make recommendations for improvement.

We are a SaaS offering, able to handle the needs of the most complex organization. And all customers are always on the same version of our software, and on the upgrade path. Beyond that, we have a completely open API (application program interface) which means any program can be connected to our software, with our large set of configurability and customization. And, unlike other AMS solutions, we offer free upgrades and never charge for support.

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Q: You’re a relatively small company. Tell us about your company culture.

A: We have a work hard, play hard mentality. We enjoy working with one another and solving real problems in a market space that is underserved. This gives satisfaction to our employees. We also pride ourselves in that all of our key functions, such as product development, engineering and customer support, are located in our Atlanta, GA headquarters. Transparency, reliability and execution are some of the words we live by.

Q: What challenges do you face being a female CEO of a tech company and how do you combat them?

A: In the 8 months as CEO, I truly have not seen any ‘female’ challenges. I have an extremely supportive board, a senior leadership team which have been amazing to work with and a customer base that has positively responded to the customer focused leadership style I bring to the company.

However, I believe the path is longer for females and I know I experienced a longer path than my male counterparts. But there have been environmental changes that have allowed me to move forward within the last 18 months. This is quite unusual from how this space was 5 years ago.

Q: In your words, what are the benefits of investing in Membership Management Software?

A: Organizations can get an overall view of all segments in one place by using membership software, as opposed to running different programs that don’t interact with each other, for one record of truth. By utilizing membership software, it allows organizations to manage and serve their constituents in a much more efficient way.

We are an Enterprise platform designed for member based organizations to assist in managing their back office processes and allow their organization to provide a portal for our clients’ members to self service. Whether it’s renewing their memberships, taking certification classes, registering for events, managing financials and more, we offer one software for all of these processes.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are incredibly excited about two major R&D projects:

1.) A Redesigned portal. This new look provides a responsive, self service portal with a design intent of allowing our customers to better engage with their constituents.
2.) Insights Business Intelligence. Currently, this technology has only been available to associations with large IT budgets. We are the only software provider offering this in the association space. We’ve taken the critical questions that our customers ask themselves and make it easy to get to these answers in a couple clicks.

Some of the questions that we help membership organizations answer with Insights are:

● What are the reasons behind churn?
● What is the best time to send marketing and programs out to increase non dues revenue?
● How are my sponsors and exhibitors tracking according to goals?

A demo of our Insights program can be seen here.

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