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Métier’s Modern Approach To Managing And Optimizing Your Business

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Métier provides business management and optimization platform to manage and optimize all facets of a business. Métier’s platform combines project portfolio management (PPM), big data analytics and business intelligence. By the end of the year, Métier PPM will begin replacing office productivity suites with robust messaging, end user charting, and data driven story telling. Below is our interview with Douglas Clark, Métier’s CEO:

douglas-clarkQ: Métier’s platform combines project portfolio management software, big data analytics and business intelligence, could you tell us something more about the company?

A: One of the founding companies of project portfolio management, Métier provides a platform to manage and optimize all facets of a business. With the project as the economy’s new assembly line, Métier’s project centric approach and cutting edge technologies enable companies to begin forecasting instead of planning, what we call workforward. We are not industry specific, and help diverse companies from consultancies to global retailers to colleges and hospitals in performing more projects with fewer resources with greater certainty of success.

Q: How does Métier differentiate from the competition?

A: While our interface has won global accolades, we have always thought about our customers’ data as the key to help them make better decisions. We were talking about the power of large pools of data long before the term big data became popular. We are the only enterprise software application that makes Amazon-like recommendations for collaboration. Using patented natural language processing concepts, Métier PPM can even build new project schedules from previously performed projects. Our graphics driven workflow engine and limitless canvas, coupled with user defined workspaces, lowers change management efforts and drives even more data for decision support. In Métier PPM, users are just one mouse click from any tool or report they need to get the job done.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the capability to build three dimensional visualizations of project-related big data, could you tell us something more?

A: Big data requires new visualizations. Big data requires context. With the models enabled by big data, planning is out, and forecasting is in. Métier architects wanted a visualization that combined all of this with the time dimension, because as we all know, time really is money. Also, leveraging the notion that people can process way more information than is usually presented in two dimensional pie and bubble charts, Métier engineers felt that 3D was viable for Knowledge Cubes. The result? A beautiful, information dense visual with clear context. For the first time, enterprises can actually visualize their project factory. Decision makers are presented with high confidence forecasts instead of estimates. Knowledge Cubes are the 21st Century Gantt chart.


Knowledge Cubes by Métier

Q: What is Métier’s project volatility score?

A: Much like stock volatility illustrates and contrasts the fluctuation of different stock’s prices, project volatility is a measure of how work is moving or fluctuating with projects. Métier PPM customers receive insights into how individual projects are performing, benchmarking within their company, as well as industry wide. Further, Métier PPM’s ability to find similar work within a portfolio or across all portfolios allows high confidence statistical forecasts of future work volatility.

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Q: What can we expect from Métier in the future?

A: By the end of the year, Métier PPM will begin replacing office productivity suites with robust messaging, end user charting, and data driven story telling. E-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, and electronic presentation software are anachronisms in the modern enterprise. Métier PPM is the modern way to direct, inform and even entertain teams in the successful performance of strategy.

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