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Mindsight Aims To Transform Its Business Into A Full Technology Consultancy Practice

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Mindsight is a technology consulting firm that provides thoughtfully-crafted and thoroughly-vetted perspectives to its Chicago area clients’ toughest technology challenges. Mindsight’s recommendations come from its experienced and talented team, and are based on a solid understanding of its clients’ unique business and technology challenges. Below is our interview with Starza Thompson, Marketing Director at Mindsight:


Q: You’ve recently announced your rebrand; could you tell us something more?

A: It’s important to clarify what a “brand” truly is and what it means to rebrand in the first place. A brand is the core of a company. If you strip away the people, the processes, the products and services, the brand is what you have left. If you were to add percentages to the elements of a brand, the company name and tagline only represent about 10% of the brand and the visual aspects (logo, colors, website, brochures, etc.) represent another 10%. The rest of the brand is made up of research, strategy, and positioning. Your brand is what makes you different in the marketplace—the research and strategy behind that difference is vital to creating a strong and relevant brand.

With that in mind, the Tympani/Mindsight rebrand is about transforming our business into a full technology consultancy practice. According to the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report, there are 11,000 technology startups forming every hour or three businesses per second. That’s an enormous influx of new technology options and solutions. These new innovations, concepts, and companies contribute to the complexity of the technology industry—the world around us is becoming more complex and our customers (the CIO, IT Director, etc.) are the ones who will be responsible for navigating that complexity. All the while, most technology companies promote their product or solution as the next big thing, and our competitors soothe their clients’ worries about the flood of innovation by claiming to “simplify IT.”

The truth is that technology isn’t simple and no one can make it so. There are more users and more devices than ever before. Through our industry research and client interviews, we found that simplifying IT isn’t what our current and future customers are asking for. Instead, they are asking for a partner who will bring clarity to some very complicated decisions; who understands their environment, business, and culture; and who will help them navigate all of the different technologies and solutions in the market to find the right one for their environment.

Mindsight is that partner.

We believe in being transparent, candid, and thoughtful to help our clients understand the risks, see the value, and find the best path forward when it comes to technology.

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Q: What have been some major milestones over the last 12 months?

A: Mindsight has experienced significant growth this year. Sometimes people assume that a rebrand signals hard times for a company, but we’ve had one of our best years yet. Our burgeoning Managed Services practice has grown 75% this year. Couple that with an overall growth of 25% in the midmarket space, and Mindsight is off to an excellent start in this new chapter of ours.

Along the way, our marketing department earned an impressive accolade for their hard work by winning the Cisco Digital and Social Marketers of the Year award for North America in March. This award is given to the partner who has utilized marketing campaigns that focus on creative, innovative, and effective use of social media or digital channels. Out of thousands of technology partners throughout the country, Mindsight was named the winner in 2016.

Q: Why are you different? What is the Mindsight difference?

A: There’s a big problem in the technology world. While technology companies can providing their clients with amazing solutions to address daunting business challenges, the marketing language that surrounds these solutions is often fluffy and abstract. It can be nearly impossible to peer through the empty promises and borrowed phrases that obscure the full-picture of both the company and the solution they provide.

At Mindsight, we’re different.

We cut through the fluff to provide thoughtfully-crafted and thoroughly-vetted perspectives to our Chicago area clients’ toughest technology challenges. By developing a solid understanding of our clients’ unique business needs, our experienced and talented team delivers personalized recommendations that align with the clients’ objectives.

At Mindsight, we pride ourselves on being great listeners. Our focus is transparency and candid conversation, which means more productive interactions and less pretense. We prefer real discussions about real ways to resolve real world business challenges.

To achieve the best results, you need open communication—that’s what we’re all about. When you need a different point of view, you can count on Mindsight.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Over the next four months, we plan to continue our transition towards a full consultancy practice. While we have always approached our client relationships from a consultative angle, making it the core of our business strategy is not as easy as flipping a switch. As we move forward, consulting will become front and center in how we do business. We plan to offer more roadmap planning services to help our clients address their most pressing problems. Our roadmaps allow our consultants to meet with client teams, drill down to the real issues facing the environment, and work together to find the best solution to help our client reach their business goals.

We also plan to continue to grow our Managed Services practice. As IT environments become more and more complex, we can offer tremendous value in this space. Instead of committing your team’s limited time to routine maintenance and monitoring, we can shoulder the day-to-day tasks, while you focus on higher level strategy and execution.

Our rebrand also includes a new website layout and design, on which we will continue to publish our regular blog, promote our educational seminars, and offer our visitors valuable resources. There’s fresh content available and plenty to explore on our new website.

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Finally, we have recently released a new, proprietary cloud migration automation service called CloudStream. CloudStream is an automated cloud service unlike any other. It links your VMware hypervisor to the cloud and creates one seamless environment. Using your VMware management portal, you can then migrate live workloads to the cloud and back in just 10 clicks. Once your virtual machine is in the cloud, your team can then support the workload using the same VMware management portal—exactly as they would if it were still in your on-premise data center. We will continue to promote this new product to clients who are interested in learning more.

Q: Could you tell our readers what’s the achievement Mindsight is most proud of?

A: Beyond our business success, rebranding efforts, and refined strategy, we’re most proud of the group of people we have assembled over the years. Out of all our solutions, partnerships, processes, and strategies, the Mindsight employees are still our most valued asset. Our clients value our candid, transparent approach to technology consulting, and we value the exceptional work our team puts in every day.

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