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Minerva Intelligence Uses Human Knowledge To Create Truly Explainable AI

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Minerva Intelligence is a cognitive AI software company based in Vancouver, Canada. While currently focused on building solutions for the mining and natural hazards industries, their core AI tech can be applied in virtually any field.

Below is our recent interview with Scott Tillman, CEO of Minerva Intelligence:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Minerva Intelligence?

A: Minerva, at its heart, is a knowledge engineering company: we take the knowledge learned by people through the ages – in any domain – and embed that information in a machine; in essence, we get computers to think and reason like a human would, but without the bias or data limitations that a human would bring to the table.

Q: Can you give us insights into your solutions?

A: Minerva started out by building applications in the fields of mining & exploration and natural hazards because while these domains have a lot of data accumulated by humans over decades and centuries, this knowledge has been captured in a form that computers can’t understand. Using our technology, we can transform that collected knowledge into a form that computers can reason with.

Our technology excels in those fields where there is a lot of human-collected knowledge that can be structured into a knowledge graph; our reasoning engine can then use that knowledge and combine it with data to provide insights, explanations and advice in plain language.

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Q: Can you tell us something more about your technology? What’s so special about your AI platform?

A: There are two types of applied knowledge in the world: that gained by computers (machine learning) and that gained by humans (expert knowledge). We specialize in taking expert knowledge and making it readable – and able to be reasoned with – by machines. Our cognitive AI technology allows us to build semantic models of expert knowledge in any domain and compare those models with real-world instances to create a ranked list showing the degree of similarity between them. And, because we use natural language instead of statistical algorithms, our software can explain the results and give recommendations in plain language… meaning it’s completely explainable AI.

Q: I read something about your recent announcement of AI-Powered Mining Software; what exactly is it?

A: You’re talking about our TERRA Mining AI Suite, where we have built a set of AI-powered products specifically for the mining and exploration fields to solve the most urgent needs in those industries:

SOLACE – prepares and organizes vast troves of data for human interpretation or cognitive AI and machine learning applications. This is the domain-agnostic tool we use to transform tabular data into knowledge graphs to be used by our AI reasoning engine.

TARGET – a 2D cognitive AI application for evaluation of surface mineral exploration data

DRIVER – a 3D cognitive AI and geometallurgy application for evaluation of multi-element drilling data

LEO – a document management and search system optimized for interoperability with AI systems

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Q: What can we expect from Minerva Intelligence in the future?

A: We are currently working with insurtech companies in the property and casualty domain to build AI-powered software for natural hazards like floods, landslides and wildfires. Since our software is domain-agnostic, we are open to partnering with companies in any industry that has an overabundance of data from diverse sources that cannot be easily read by machines.

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