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Listen to this article makes chatbot deployment affordable for small and medium enterprises through its innovative decentralized marketplace and cloud platform. The platform has already been built and put into commercial service for a number of corporate clients and their end users. So it is working for about 10 mln mobile users around the world. But the company wants to provide its services to small businesses too. Below is our interview with Vitaly Gumirov, the founder and CEO of


Q: What is marketplace?

A: There are about 300 million small enterprises around the globe. That’s where marketplace comes into play. It is going to be a decentralized, blockchain-based chatbot marketplace that comprises sale partners from one side and developers from the other side. Developers create chatbot templates and put them on sale via marketplace. Sale partners work with SME clients and use those chatbot templates to create customised solutions for their clients. Partners do not need to have any software development or machine learning skills. Instead they use Visual Builder to stick together templates just like Lego bricks, and AI components provided by connected partners.

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Q: Why are you aiming at small business?

A: The small and medium size enterprizes are underserved in terms of technology. It is potentially huge market almost untouched by information technologies. I mean blockchain, artificial intelligence and so on are only available for big companies, corporate clients, and specialized tech companies. Other SME simply lack human resources and money to enjoy those advanced technologies. I think that money is not as important as human resources. This is because a company needs specific competencies to program chatbots or mobile applications, or to adopt technologies that stand behind them. I have friends in small business who say they lose money when they try to implement and maintain mobile applications for their businesses. This problem cannot be solved straightforward. Our response to these problem is to build a special ecosystem. This is the purpose of

The software services market is two-sided: at one hand you have the community of developers (already 5000 registered) who have our API to develop templates of chatbots, on the other side we have the SME clients. Sometimes they can use our Visual Builder to create a chatbot, sometimes they cant – it a depends on one’s task complexity. So, in general, we need partners between the clients and the developers, a sort of franchize network, who will be finding their clients and setting up chatbots for them using the templates from the marketplace. They will implement custom client-centered solutions like building a robot from Lego bricks and earn revenue from that. They don’t have to be extremely proficient in technology to do that. They only have to understand how to use the Visual Builder and how to use the marketplace to choose the right set of templates.

Chatbot solutions mostly cover such business areas as customer care and marketing and sales, but some other specific applications are also possible. We already have some examples deployed in different countries and for different businesses, for example, gas stations, barbershops, small airlines, mobile banking. This strategy is working: we have a small number of partners at the moment but they are enough even now to prove that our business model does work. What do we want to do now is to scale up this business using this model.

Q: What are those partners?

A: Some of them specialise in machine learning and artificial intelligence, some do business applications and these partners are very proficient and it is very easy for them to use our API. We’ve created very good API which is used by small software developers companies and also the bigger ones like corporations. We have 5000 development teams already registered with our platform. They mostly do chatbots. Some of them are invited to participate in our special program which gives them and the pre-emption right of placing their products at marketplace.

Q: How exactly do you help optimize businesses?

A: Chatbots can perform almost any task you can think of that current mobile applications can perform. The most obvious use of chatbots is Customer Service. 95% of businesses believe that the Customer Service domain is going to be the major beneficiary of chatbots, followed by Marketing and Order Processing.

For instance, as part of token sale, we leveraged intelligent chatbot to manage Customer Support functions, and seek to show small business owners how they can reap the same rewards.

So, our client support is mostly handled by that chatbot. He resides in our support group in Telegram messenger and answers user questions about the project 24/7. Under normal circumstances, this would require a team of 4 people properly trained to answer questions about the ICO, plus a FAQ document to help them. 80 percent of all customer queries are one-type: “How do I buy tokens?” or “Is this legitimate?”. They are recognized and answered appropriately by the chatbot. It makes things easier for our human crew members, who can focus on more complex issues instead of answering same questions again and again.

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Q: What’s a cross-platform bot?

A: Cross-platform or omnichannel means that once you created a bot with it becomes available to users via all channels or messaging platforms – Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Viber and so on. Technically, the bot itself is some ‘behind the scene’ entity with business logic and language processing capabilities, while the way it appears in particular Internet messenger is sort of ‘skin’ the user chooses for it.

Q: Where is the maximum concentration of customers for Miniapps right now?

A: It is a Russia, Philippines and Nigeria. We have a roadmap, and first we focus on Russia, India and English-speaking countries in South East Asia. This is because the natural language processing technology which is heavily used in chatbots is well developed for English and Russian. Then, in 12 or 18 months we will go for advanced markets. Though we are welcoming anyone from Europe and Americas who would like to partner with us right now.

Q: Where do you expect most sales of your token?

A: Europe including Russia, United States, South America, mostly Brazil. And we think Chinese will participate anyway.

Q: What are your plans for the coming months?

A: The token sale has started and will last until December 19. So we are inviting all to participate in our future ecosystem that will make blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots even more affordable globally. Visit our website, subscribe to our news channels, message me via our support group in Telegram if you want to meet – there will be many blockchain industry events before the end of the year where I’m going to go to speak and meet the investors.

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