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mLevel Aims To Become Global Leader In Casual Learning Space

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mLevel is one of the fastest growing companies in casual learning category used by global Fortune 500 companies. During 2015 mLevel announced $5 Million in a Series A funding from BIP Capital. Below is our interview with Jeff Steffgen, Director of Product at mLevel:

3992d6f_optQ: mLevel was founded in 2012 tell us something more about the company?

A: We are a Chicago-based start-up that has about 20 employees and is a spinout of Seattle-based Slalom Consulting. mLevel provides an advanced learning platform focused on enterprise clients. Currently over 40 global Fortune 500 companies spanning 30 countries use mLevel’s games, videos and activities on mobile, tablet and desktop devices to make learning fun and engaging, while improving real business results.

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Q: What are main advantages of mLevel’s platform?

A: mLevel’s formula for success centers around what we refer to as the three E’s: Easy-to-use, Engaging and Effective. We are pioneering a new category of training platforms that has the potential to help more than 500 million people throughout the world be more successful in their careers and advance the performance of their organizations by closing employee skill gaps that have the biggest impact.

Our cloud-based platform touts enterprise-class security and allows companies to quickly create and deploy engaging interactive learning games to nearly any device without writing a single line of code. Whether it’s implemented within a single department or deployed worldwide, it’s incredibly cost-effective, measurable and fun for users.


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Q: Last July (2015) you announced $5 million in a Series A funding from BIP Capital, tell us something more?

A: With our latest funding from BIP Capital, mLevel is planning to continue to accelerate the transformation of corporate training throughout the world and take a market leadership position in this new category of corporate training. In addition, we will be expanding our sales and marketing efforts and adding technical resources to our team that will allow us to continue to innovate in the market.

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Q: More generally, how do you see the casual learning industry developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

A: Corporate training is broken and mLevel is leading a paradigm shift to change it from being boring, expensive and ineffective into something that is engaging for employees, effective for trainers and can drive real results and reduce skill gaps for the business.

The casual learning industry is modernizing and innovating the way that we currently learn within corporate enterprises. mLevel’s game-based learning activities are aligned with proven learning methodologies such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and science-based methods such as short-burst, bite-sized training sessions. And our most recent innovation takes learning a step further by using a sophisticated, data-driven – and in some cases nonlinear – approach to instruction creating a personalized learning experience that can anticipate and dynamically adjust to a learner’s interactions based on their demonstrated level of content mastery.

The key to success in the market is that mLevel’s back-end software bears all of the heavy lifting, while the learning instructor uses a code-free, web-based tool to quickly and easily create the content and push it out to users in real-time. In this regard, mLevel is clearly positioned as a market leader and innovator in the industry.


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Q: What are your plans?

A: At mLevel, we are constantly listening to our customers and monitoring industry trends to improve our product suite. We plan to continually release additional learning activities that push the envelope, and platform improvements that align with our customer needs and create measurable impact. Our goal is to change learning forever – we want the world to learn better.

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