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MobiChord Helps Organizations Stay In Control Of Wireless Expenses

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Startup MobiChord makes mobility manageable and delivers control over wireless and mobile expenses. MobiChord helps companies and IT teams manage mobility as a service, on the ServiceNow platform. Below is our interview with Herbert Uhl, CEO and Co-founder of Mobichord:

herbert-uhlQ: Herbert, tell us something more about MobiChord?

A: MobiChord launched in 2013 with the simple, yet important notion that mobility management should be a routine service. We believe it is time to end complex, non-transparent, manual and costly ways of managing mobile expenses and devices. As practiced today, it is too often a hodge-podge of IT support teams running in circles.

MobiChord decided to partner with the best in the business in terms of service management, namely ServiceNow. We also team with top-shelf device management (EMM) companies and created code for a full-range wireless expense and mobile asset management solution. The result was a unified and automated app within ServiceNow with information and control available where they are needed, automatic change monitoring and continuous cost optimization is finally possible.

Wireless Expense Management

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Q: What advantage does MobiChord have over its competitors?

A: Foremost, end-to-end automation of mobility management. Through one system, one interface, IT and service management professionals can manage devices, policies, carrier expenses and more. Combined with MobiChord’s self-service portal, where end-users can handle many of the own needs, MobiChord lowers support manpower and wireless spend by 30% with our average customer.

Next it would be that MobiChord is a native application on ServiceNow, which is the leading service management platform. Enterprises are deploying ServiceNow and standardizing all their service management, so it is a natural place to service mobile users. ServiceNow’s automation features underpin MobiChord, and allow us to find even more ways of automating mobility management.

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Q: You’ve recently launched Mobility Management Solution for ServiceNow Store, tell us something more?

A: The ServiceNow Store is a commercial enterprise application marketplace that allows ServiceNow customers to purchase and download a broad-range of third-party applications. The new store allows ServiceNow customers to have easy access to MobiChord’s app which is certified as an update set and as a scoped app to be used with the latest release. In addition, being a featured app represents a great sales channel opportunity for MobiChord.

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Q: What are main benefits of your Wireless Expense and Mobile Asset Management solution?

A: First is the sheer savings of manpower. Today doing anything with mobility is a time consuming drain on IT. Staffs have to use different wireless management portals from different carriers, they have to manually add, delete and update devices, they have to gather cost data into spreadsheets and normalize plans and currency exchanges. MobiChord eliminates that manual labor, and gives IT staff their lives back.

Then there is the hard dollar savings that are generated by the transparency of having all data in one system with overviews on usage, KPI dashboards, proactive alerts and plan optimization. Allowing not only telecom professionals but also cost center managers and even end-users to have visibility into their wireless spend, plans, features eliminates many inefficiencies that cannot be centrally managed.

Next are happier end-users. Users want mobility support, and they want it instantly. With the end-user self-service portal, their requests are automated. So are many of the actions of the mobility support team responding to requests. The end result is that employees get help fast, which keeps them productive.

Lastly, peace of mind is huge. IT and mobility teams can walk-away from a lot of stressful, repetitive, manual labor and instead focus on more interesting, strategic work. When half of your work day is saved and most of your manual work disappears, your job becomes a lot better.


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Q: What can we expect from MobiChord in the future?

A: We don’t sleep at MobiChord, and have a lot of stuff in the pipeline. We are hunting down more and more ways to automate mobility management. Our customers have hundreds of great ideas for routine tasks that MobiChord could do for them. These ideas are being fast-tracked.

We already integrate many major wireless carriers into MobiChord, to manage plans and expenses. We are expanding the list so global organizations and customers overseas can reap the benefits of automated mobility management.

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