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Mobsyte Helps You Accelerate Your Ideas And Create Optimized Websites

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Creating websites ready for mobile devices is one thing, building those website to engage the user and even make him a paying customer is something completely different. The Mobsyte platform will help you to accelerate your ideas, products and launch contests or host events.

It all starts with selecting the template that you’d like to use for your mobile website. The platform gives a variety of choices, and also enables customization – to make the design more appealing to your brands values. After the selection process is over, think about the type of a project you’d like to build, and what kind of features you’d like to have it.


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Build credible and easy to navigate content pages with the built-in tools that will help you to launch your mobile website in minutes. The last thing that is left to do is the publishing part. Publish your newly created mobile website and access it either through a QR code, or with the URL that you’ve been given.

The premium version of Mobsyte begins at $9/month, while the more advanced package will cost anywhere from $19/month. Advantages include things like custom domain names (quite important?), notification features, statistic and analytic reports, as well as better SEO features. You can see the full list on the pricing page.


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It’s worth knowing that the Mobsyte platform is actually built on top of a framework that is built by them, and perhaps may have more history to the industry they’re working in that initially may seem. The framework is called eMobc, and is used by several large companies online.

You can integrate social features, messaging apps, advertisement widgets and many other tools of that nature to help and amplify the look, credibility and feel of your mobile application that you’re building with Mobsy. They’re still working hard on launching their product to the whole world, but the first impressions have been great!

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I think that when it comes to building smaller-size mobile websites, Mobsyte might prove to be an incredible time-saver, the feature list is amazing, and the overall product quality is above average. I suppose they know what they’re doing, being the actual owners of the mobile framework – eMobc.

Written by: Alex Ivanovs

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