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Mojo Media Labs – Creates Original Online Content For Its Clients Through Inbound Marketing

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Since 2007 Mojo Media Labs has been offering innovative solutions in website design, sales enablement and inbound marketing. Located in Dallas, Texas, Mojo is defined by its alternative and engaging approach, growth-driven design and the ability to produce returns on marketing investments. Below is our recent interview with Michael Rose, CEO of Mojo Media Labs:

Michael Rose

Q: How would you describe Mojo Media Labs in your own words?

A: Mojo Media Labs is an inbound marketing and sales agency focused on supporting corporate marketing and sales teams by producing high quality website leads and sales support services to drive revenue growth. Mojo focuses on working with an approach of “attracting” visitors to clients’ websites by creating and promoting valuable online content and converting those visitors to leads through appealing offers on the website.

Mojo Media Labs leverages the marketing and sales automation tool, HubSpot, for program execution and is currently in the top 1 percent of all agency partners and is the only Platinum-level agency partner in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area based on proven expertise with using the tool.

Mojo began in 2007 as a digital marketing agency executing a wide variety of projects for a varied mix of clients, but adopted the Inbound Marketing methodology in 2012, transforming the agency. Michael Rose, CEO of Mojo Media Labs, was searching for a way to better measure and quantify how Mojo’s marketing efforts impacted clients top line growth. He also sought a better way to leverage marketing in the new world of technology. Inbound fit the bill, and HubSpot was the perfect tool; providing the agency the data and analytics in one centralized place so marketing efforts could be tracked and measured.

Mojo Media Labs specifically offers the following services:

• Website Design & Development
• Inbound Marketing Services to include content development, social media, SEO, email marketing and lead generation campaigns
• Inbound Sales Services to include CRM implementation, Sales & Marketing Alignment and Sales Training

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Q: Who are the primary users of your services and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Mojo works primarily with established B2B businesses earning $20 million or more in revenue who are seeking to drive more leads and sales through their website. One key challenge solved for clients is eliminating the need to create and manage an internal department to learn and execute inbound marketing. Mojo offers those businesses a turnkey digital marketing team. This team includes a marketing strategic lead, marketing coordinator, designer, content writer and inbound specialist focused on driving top line revenue. One of the most common challenges heard from prospects is the need to consistently create quality content for their websites. This is easily handled by the Mojo team, which has deep expertise in creating a multitude of content including blogs, ebooks, infographics, video, podcasts and webinars.

Last year Mojo evolved from just focusing on marketing to expanding that focus further downstream into the sales process. Mojo recognized that although they were providing qualified leads to their clients’ sales teams, there were still issues preventing those leads from closing in the sales process. Sales teams experience a lot of pain and are often disconnected from marketing (see infographic about that) and Mojo’s inbound sales services are designed to do just that. Mojo Media Labs believes that marketing and sales teams should be fused together, not just integrated. These days, the line dividing where marketing ends and sales begins is still blurry.

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Q: You’ve recently moved from a 3800 sq. ft. office to the 8300 sq. ft. office; tell us something more about your dream office space?

A: The move into the previous ESPN radio office was an opportunity to create a dream space where current employees love to work and attract talented new employees.

Located on the 10th floor with floor to ceiling windows throughout the space allows for spectacular views of the city. Some unique and modern features in the space include:

• Exposed, industrial style ceiling
• DIRTT Glass door & wall systems installed throughout the space
• Open work cafe featuring a large “Snack Wall”, two industrial refrigerators, Pepsi cases stocked with a variety of drinks, wine cabinet, beer tap and a large island table
• A built-in “studio” where Mojo can create short clip videos and podcasts
• Conference rooms with the latest in technology using Chromecast and Zoom
• Quiet areas
• Sit-Stand desks throughout
• Bright, vibrant colors throughout

The office provides for spaces for high quality collaboration, focus areas, meeting areas and places for fun!

Some favorite features were discussed in this blog written about the new space.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: The future is bright for Mojo Media Labs with the focus around healthy growth and culture. Mojo plans to grow revenue by 85 percent in 2017 after growing 120 percent from 2014 to 2016. Mojo plans to continue to expand out their Inbound Sales services and is ultimately striving to stay a best-in-class inbound marketing agency with the goal to become the “employer of choice” in Inbound.

In order to meet their goals, Mojo will stay focused on three primary things: hiring and retaining exceptional talent, finding clients that are a great fit and strengthening operational processes.

Q: What’s the achievement Mojo Media Labs is most proud of?

A: The key achievement Mojo is most proud of is building a fantastic culture, which has been the catalyst for Mojo’s growth success. Not just anyone can be hired into the agency. Mojo first looks for the right person, and in this world, that is defined by whether or not a person embodies Mojo’s core values. If the answer to that question is no, then no matter how technically capable the person is, Mojo will not hire them. The team truly cares about each other and their clients. They are all invested in the success of the agency.

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