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Most Common Challenges Truck Drivers Are Facing

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When looking for a stable job, you will consider the trucking industry. Even though they are challenging, the CDL jobs are high paying. With the current shortage of truck drivers, you can expect to land a well-paying and stable job within this industry.

Every job comes with pros and cons. Which are the common challenges you will encounter? Let’s find out!

Being away from home

The truck drivers are responsible for making the supply chain run smoothly. They will transport all sorts of goods through the states, spending lots of time away from home. The time depends on the route and type of trucking job, but drivers can expect to be away from home for 2 to 3 weeks. However, this provides you the opportunities to travel and explore the states.

If you don’t like being away from home but still wish to enter this industry, you can still manage to do it. Driving local routes and returning home for the night is a perfect match for those who wish to stay home.

Sitting for an extended time

Prolonged hours of sitting are a significant challenge for a wide range of jobs. And it doesn’t only refer to office jobs. Truck drivers also sit for a long time, which can cause muscle tension and back pain. However, this doesn’t have to be a huge problem. The truck drivers can get ergonomic padding to support their back and neck while driving. Also, they can do a few exercises to minimize the tension.

Long working hours

Being a truck driver includes driving log routes and spending hours on the road. A driver can work up to 14 hours daily, which can be exhausting.


The current infrastructure isn’t built for trucks. Therefore truck drivers experience issues when trying to find a parking spot. However, truck drivers can overcome this issue by planning ahead of time. They will research to find parking spots along their route. Or drivers can also use convenient apps to find parking.


The truck driver has a list of responsibilities. And one of them is essential truck maintenance. The vehicles can sometimes be old or have problems, which can become dangerous. Truck drivers will do minor maintenance by themselves. However, they will need to stop and take the truck to a mechanic if the issues are serious.

Additional tasks

The truck driver’s job isn’t only limited to driving. The position includes various tasks related to delivering the load on time. They will be responsible for loading and unloading the truck and dealing with heavy cargo.

Also, the truck driver will have to wait for the client to issue the paperwork. The process can last a few hours, so the driver must wait. In addition, drivers have the responsibility to manage the paperwork received and note the costs.

Even though the job is independent, you will still get to communicate with people. Making sure the client is satisfied is one of your duties. But also you will communicate with the dispatcher and other drivers.

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Final thoughts

The truck driving job comes with challenges like any other job. But if you wish to work as a driver, you can put effort into overcoming them. Being far away from home is an opportunity for you to travel and explore the states while still receiving a salary. Nowadays, staying in touch with your family and friends is easier than it was years ago. You can use your spare time to get in touch with them through mobile technology.

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