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Movy app: Face-to-Face Meetings Without the Meeting

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Lorrie Guerrieri

Written by: Lorrie Guerrieri, from Movy team;


Movy is an open system for video message conversations. With Movy, people can now have face-to-face meetings without having to meet face-to-face. Movy works on any device or operating system and users do not have to be on Movy to use it. Movy saves time and makes communication more effective!

Texting is great for simple messages, live video chat is great if you have the time at that moment; What if everyone can’t video chat at the same time, but still need to see each other, interact visually or need to collaborate? What if communication in “context” is needed versus just text? What if conversations need to be shared across an organization? What if people are in different time zones across the globe? Answer: Movy!


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Movy has 2-way and group video message conversations. One-tap posting makes everything easy.
Message length is unlimited and conversations can be public or private. Movy knows conversations can have extreme value. They can be archived or shared as needed in whatever way a user wants. A big plus is that Movy is an open system…users do not have to be on Movy to use Movy. Movy works on any browser with any device.

Movy CEO, Christopher Joyce, – explains Movy (video):

“People need conversations in context and the ability to share these conversations. Phone, text, and email have poor context because they lack visual interaction and have limited sharing options. Video calls require “same time” interaction between all parties using the same video service. What’s great about Movy is that it’s open and users don’t have to be on Movy to use Movy. So I can Movy a team member in New York who includes an engineer in Europe, who includes a supplier in China and we can have all have a complete conversation without ever meeting at the same time. And we can do this even though we all have different devices, operating systems, and hours of operation. We can then share the conversation with our teams so we’re all on the same page. Movy is a powerful tool and amps up business productivity.”

Last Updated on January 2, 2016

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