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Ms. Sparky Electric: A Women-Owned Electrical Services Company Serving The San Diego Community For More Than 10 Years

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To learn more about Ms. Sparky Electric we sat down with Mary Stapleton, owner of Ms. Sparky Electric.

Q: Hi Mary! What is Ms. Sparky Electric? Can you tell us about your company?

A: Ms. Sparky Electric is an electrical contracting company headquartered in Encinitas, California, which is near San Diego. I started the company in 2010—in the middle of the last recession—with one truck and one helper. We now have six employees, three vehicles, and more work than we can handle! We are proud to be a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB).

Homeowners love us because we are easy to work with and explain everything in terms they can understand. We are also straightforward with our pricing. We always show up on time and leave homes clean when we’re finished with our work.

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Q: Tell our readers more about your services. What do you specialize in?

A: Our company mainly does residential electrical work, but we’ll also take on small commercial jobs. We do the electrical for new construction homes, as well as on home remodels, and we provide electrical services. Some of the specific services we provide are electric vehicle charging station installations, electrical panel upgrades, and home lighting upgrades. We have special expertise in lighting design and green technologies.

I manage all of the service jobs, while my team member Jeremy handles all of the work we do with local general contractors.

Q: What communities/areas do you currently serve? How might that change or expand in the future?

A: We mostly serve Coastal North County in San Diego, but we also do some work in San Diego itself. The North County Coastal area is very affluent and we have more work here than we can keep up with—especially during the last year with everyone being at home so much. We are very well established here, with a lot of word-of-mouth advertising and great reviews on sites like Yelp and Nextdoor. We also have some local general contractors who use us regularly.

Our brand is so visible and relatable, and that is probably one of the main reasons we have grown over the past ten years. We are really known in the community. We have deep roots in Encinitas and love living and working here. We have many return customers and new ones every week. We cannot keep up with the all the leads coming in but that’s a good problem to have!

We would like to expand, but find that hiring qualified employees is a challenge. We could do much more business if we could find good employees who are capable of doing electrical work to our standards. We are currently looking for one more super star—a mid-level young gun that can really produce. More than anything, I would love to find a great female electrician to add to our team.

Q: What’s the best thing about Ms. Sparky Electric?

A: The best thing about Ms. Sparky Electric is our people. We have a great core crew that is led by myself and Jeremy. Jeremy is a major part of the success of Ms. Sparky. He is competent, knowledgeable, and personable. When I send him out to meet with a new general contractor or lead, we always land the job! Jeremy and I make a great team and there is a feeling of trust between us. We have each other’s backs. Same with my Admin, Belinda. She is great! The field guys we have currently are also really bringing their best. We’re a tight crew. We work hard, but there’s also a lot of laughter!

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Q: What is next for you and Ms. Sparky Electric?

A: This year, I would like to grow the part of my business that deals with electric vehicle charging stations—both for homes and businesses. I am also working to get a contract with the City of Encinitas and looking into the opportunities available for Women-Owned Businesses in California.

I would love to do more to encourage young people to go into the trades, especially the electrical trades. Trade school is a great alternative to traditional college, and those who choose this path will come out of the training with an in-demand skill and not a bunch of debt. As soon as I can get out of the field and turn more of the day-to-day operations over to my team, I would like to become involved with programs that bring young people into this well-paying and rewarding field!

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