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MusicRogue Is Disrupting The Telecom Industry And How Users’ Time Is Controlled By Giving Callers Choice

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MusicRogue is a new app that aims to disrupt the telecom industry and how users’ time is controlled by giving callers choice. MusicRogue enables users to listen their music anytime they get put on hold instead of the crappy hold music we’ve all experienced. When a representative comes on the line to help you, app automatically get you back to the call. Below is our interview with Jay Davies, Co Founder at MusicRogue:


Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe MusicRogue?

A: MusicRogue is a new app allowing callers access to their music through the media player on their iPhone, or any playlists in Spotify whenever they are stuck on hold. Our app mutes the companies’ phone signal when a user is listening to their favorite tunes, which blocks the crappy hold music and redundant advertising. When a representative comes on the line, we automatically quit the music so users can resolve their calls. We are disrupting the telecom industry and how users’ time is controlled by giving callers choice.

Q: What’s your startup story?

A: My business partner, Joel Shapiro, and I met 4 years ago on a road cycling event he organized. We’re also musicians and I worked in the record industry for a decade. Shortly after meeting, we launched a SaaS business together over the following 3 years, gaining the necessary startup experience to launch MusicRogue. With Rogue we had some major hurdles. We’ve had to deal with both cellular and analog telecommunications, along with the usual development challenges over the last year. We could have easily quit numerous times, but still believe persistence is the number one trait of any good entrepreneur. We just got MusicRogue accepted into the Apple Store and initial downloads topped 1k.

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Q: How does MusicRogue differ from competition?

A: MusicRogue gives users the power to listen to their music on their smartphones with good digital fidelity. Since the dawn of telecom, companies have controlled hold music over analog phone lines making music, as we all know, sound like a vicious catfight. The reason today’s hold music sounds so bad is because it compresses the analog signal that may also go through an algorithm, that emphasizes the frequencies in the human voice, but eliminates many frequencies common in music. In addition, smartphones get better with each release making MusicRogue a better sounding option by default.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We just launched our app after a barrage of testing, so our single focus is adoption. Finalizing our patent is a priority, too. MusicRogue will also be featured on the Discovery channel October 7 between 7 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Traveling at “warp speed” in the future, we plan to link callers to other third-party services like Pandora and iHeart, and most other music sites with an API. We think major telecom companies and technology companies in this space will be interested in our solution. Not to mention, we have a great tool for record labels and touring companies to promote their artists. Smartphones should just let people do whatever they want on their phones when they’re are on hold.

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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using MusicRogue?

A: Most consumers of goods and services will spend “1.2 percent of their lifetimes on hold”. It’s inevitable. The choice is listen to their music, or yours. For the first time callers will choose their experience when they spend valuable time on hold. MusicRogue has zero ads or in-app purchases and is free to download.

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