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My Joy Yoga App: True Virtual Yoga Studio – Yoga Is Wherever You Want To Practice It

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My Joy Yoga is the world’s first provider of live streaming yoga classes. Offering both live streaming classes in real time and on-demand yoga instruction videos, yogis and health enthusiasts have access to the highest quality of instruction now available on any device – anywhere, anytime. Below is our interview with Angelique Gilbert, Director of Marketing at My Joy Yoga & Joy Yoga Center:


Q: How would you describe My Joy Yoga in your own words?

A: The My Joy Yoga app is the world’s only true virtual yoga studio. We’ve created a revolutionary app that takes the future of yoga beyond the studio and into the palm of your hands. This impressive new app offers a perfect blend of live streaming classes & on-demand videos, providing an experience somewhere between taking a class in studio & watching a pre-recorded class from home. It’s a fun, accessible and affordable app that allows you to take your yoga practice whenever, where ever and FOREVER!

We offer a diverse selection of classes ranging from powerful to gentle, so there is always something for everyone!

Q: What makes My Joy Yoga a good choice?

A: There are tons of companies that offer on-demand videos but we are the first & only company to offer up to 8 live streaming yoga classes daily from our studio in Houston. You can only watch an on-demand video so many times and then it just gets boring. Our live streaming service gives you a live virtual class experience so it’s just like being in a real studio, with a real instructor & real students. Classes always have a different flow to keep your mind and body present. There are also a variety of amazing instructors with different styles and vast experiences to choose from. If you can’t make a live class, you can always watch our on-demand videos where you can find everything from a 6 minute quick meditation all the way to a 90 minute, high intensity video. The future of yoga is no longer in the studio. It’s wherever you choose to practice.

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Q: Tell us something about your pricing?

A: We offer several different subscription options so you can choose what works best for you. Our basic plan is only $14.99/month and you get full access to all the live classes plus on-demand videos. Or you can upgrade to the unlimited plan which is the basic plan plus unlimited access to our individual teacher channels which are usually $5.99 per channel. There is also an annual option where you can get unlimited access for a whole year for just $99.

Q: How does My Joy Yoga differ from its competition?

A: LIVE YOGA! Obviously our major differentiator is our live streaming classes, which you won’t find with any other app out there. With the My Joy Yoga app, you can access a live yoga class from anywhere in the world.

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Q: What are your plans for the next year?

A: We are continuously evolving and adding new content as we learn our customer’s preferences and will continue to improve our service through the use of technology. We will also be integrating online yoga teacher training, workshops, and fresh new videos to our on-demand section.

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