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MyRouteOnline – Small Business Route Planning System, Built By A Small Business

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MyRouteOnline is a route-planning tool for all industries, from deliveries and distribution, to service and maintenance, trucking and many more. The company is constantly adding new features for customers with advanced routing needs. They have added features such as time windows, vehicle capacity constraints, and telematics integration with TomTom. Most recently, they created a navigation assistance app for mobiles, making the routing output easier to use.

Below is our interview with Bart Kemp from MyRouteOnline:


Q: Bart, how would you convince the reader to start using MyRouteOnline?

A: MyRouteOnline is a small business route planning system, built by a small business. We are small enough to be in touch with the needs of our customers, but proud to say we offer personalized customer support. Our route planner is easy to use and affordable for just about anyone who has a need to organize multiple stops into efficient, money saving routes.

Q: How does MyRouteOnline differ from other route planners?

A: MyRouteOnline is designed to be easy to use with a very shallow learning curve. While other online routing programs require a lot of time setting up vehicles, drivers, depots, and many other parameters, with MyRouteOnline the user is able to get started in just a few minutes. Users can set special parameters of course, but this is not mandatory and as such, the “ease of use” is probably the most common compliment we receive from our customers.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your software?

A: MyRouteOnline has been developed over a number of years as a “need based” software. The program originated due to the need of our founders to improve delivery efficiency in their own businesses. To this day, new features and improvements are constantly being added to the program, and all are based on the needs of our clients. We consider ourselves to be problem solvers above all else. Our first question when speaking to a prospective client is, “What problem are you trying to solve?”

MyRouteOnline is currently being used by tens of thousands of customers, in all manner of industries; flower delivery, waste management, process serving, law enforcement, meter reading, cable service, swimming pool service, donation pickups, package delivery, beverage delivery, furniture delivery and sales routing, just to name a few.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Mobile applications are clearly the future. MyRouteOnline has developed the MyRoute App for smartphones, to extend the usefulness of our online based routing program. We have plans to add features such as vehicle tracking and real time reporting to our app, in order to give customers greater visibility over their fleets.

For our web based program, we are in the process of refining and perfecting our new Time Windows feature that will allow users to schedule appointments for specific customers, or for their entire customer base. MyRouteOnline will then find the best route, based on these appointment times.

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Q: Could you tell us more about your pricing plans?

A: There are plenty of high priced software systems available to large companies. These stand alone systems range in the $50k plus area. We built MyRouteOnline to appeal to the user who cannot or will not afford these high priced systems. MyRouteOnline is affordable to the smaller user, starting at just $39.95 per month.

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