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Naked Nutrition Aims To Help You Meet Your Nutrition And Fitness Goals

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Naked Nutrition is unique as they offer many products that contain only one ingredient. Since the quality of their protein powders and supplements are so high, they can stand alone without the addition of unnatural flavorings and sweeteners. Below is our interview with Steve Zieminski, the Founder of Naked Nutrition:


Q: How are your products different vs what is currently on the market?

A: We do not have to make unsubstantiated claims about what our products do, they just work. Our branding and labeling convey that our products can be used as blank slates to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals. The goal is to bring the consumer as close to the source as possible in order to ensure we provide products of the highest quality.

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Q: How are you disrupting the category?

A: By providing products that only contain ingredients that are inherently understandable, we remove the guesswork and pull back the curtain in the protein and nutritional supplement space. Adding protein to your diet shouldn’t be difficult and we want people to understand that.

Q: What trends do you see for 2018?

A: We’re seeing a push towards transparency in all aspects of sourcing and manufacturing. People want to know where their products are coming from and that they are being produced in a responsible manner. Also, we are seeing an increase in interest in plant-based protein powders as well. Plant proteins tend to be easier to digest then those sourced from animals and they help support ones’ overall wellness. This transparency leads to brand trust, consistent, high-quality products and repeat purchases.

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Q: What makes you stand out from your competition?

A: Naked Nutrition is all about stripping away the unnecessary, whether that be from your diet or other aspects of your life. We only include what is necessary and will never to overcomplicate a product to increase our bottom line. We don’t allow special dietary needs to get in the way of our customers and cater to all preferences.

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