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Needls – The Answer To Social Media Lead Generation For The SME Market

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Written by: Daniela Costa, from needls team

Have you ever used social media to ask your followers for advice or recommendations? How about just to vent over a problem you were facing? I’m willing to bet you have. And yet, were you aware of the remarkable business opportunity that was staring you in the face?

Social media networks are a hotbed for generating leads. Big companies with big budgets have already tuned into this fact and are currently using lead generation tools to foster leads via social media. But how about the SME market? Shouldn’t they get a piece of the pie?

With our company needls, they can. Needls helps small businesses grow at an affordable rate – a gap in the market that was begging to be filled and that we finally have.

Needls scours Twitter and Facebook (with plans to expand to other social networks) to deliver relevant sales leads in real time. With a user-defined list of targeted industry keywords, needls watches for purchase intent within conversations and posts and delivers qualified leads to its users as soon as they come through the pipeline.

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Needls dashboard

To put it simply, we let you know instantly if someone in your target area is looking for services or goods you can provide.

Because of the social media element many leads are relationship-based or local, so you already have a foot in the door. But needls does more than filter through your friends and followers’ posts – it also sorts through public posts. That means you’ll have an unfathomable amount of leads to convert.

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Let me demonstrate the power of needls with a specific example.

Let’s say you’re a plumber looking for new clients. What kind of posts would needls be searching for? Well many are applicable, but some standouts would be, “Can anyone recommend a good plumber?” or, “My pipes just burst.”

If you’re a plumber and someone in your target area (yes, we can narrow it down to your preferred geographic area) posts something like the above, that right there is gold. Posts like that – across all types of industries – are made several times a day, everyday. These professionals need to know about this and they need to be chasing these leads.

Doing so won’t disrupt the way they do business. Needls facilitates a sales effort and cycle that feeds directly into the activities our users are already undertaking.

With real time alerts there is no long sales cycle, as users are notified of a lead instantly and can act on it swiftly. The system works amazingly at the local level, but as a web tool it is not restricted by geography. Can you imagine the possibilities?

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It’s important to add that using needls isn’t difficult. Our users are sent targeted sales leads directly to their inbox, in real time. They can then quickly and easily follow up with a lead using their computer, tablet or smart phone. Needls is incredibly user-friendly, so you won’t have to learn a new system, hire more staff or buy any equipment. We’ve removed any learning curves or technology barriers.

In short, needls is the answer to social media lead generation for the SME market. We allow you to continue to do what you do best while getting you the leads you need to grow your business.

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