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Nerdeo Revolutionises Indie Film & Games Collaboration

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Nerdeo is an online platform for professionals within the independent film and games industry. The platform facilitates the connection of creative talent to interesting projects that you cannot get access to in the mainstream industry. Below is our interview with Caroline Pires, CEO & Founder of Nerdeo:

caroline_pires_nerdeoQ: Caroline, how would you describe Nerdeo in your own words?

A: Nerdeo is the place to go when crowdsourcing talent for an indie film or games project, whether it has a budget or not. The platform facilitates the connection of creative talent to interesting projects that you cannot get access to in the mainstream industry.

Q: What is your startup story? How did the idea for the Nerdeo come about?

A: Nerdeo was an idea that came about during work on a friend’s low budget indie film. After working for big post-production companies on blockbuster movies for about 3 years, I started working on my own, and other people’s, personal projects on the side. That is still where my real passion resides! It quickly came to my attention that a lot of people were doing the same thing and there was a huge market of extremely interesting projects searching for like minded collaborators. At the time, I was a visual effects artist with an idea, but after talking to a few of my, more business minded friends, namely Leena Vesterinen, we quickly formed a partnership and Nerdeo was born.

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Q: What are main benefits for your users?

A: The main benefits for a project owner; is that their project get’s a much higher visibility with the software specific keywords and hashtags, this means that a lot of people will contact them, instead of the director or producer having to trawl through many different industry related freelancer sites to find talent. But if they do want to look at our large database of freelancers and recent graduates, they can actually invite someone that catches their eye to collaborate on that project. For the freelancers, specially recent graduates, they get to collaborate on professional films and get some amazing material for their showreel. This prevents them all from having similar showreels, which happens consistently in some online based visual effects and animation schools. By linking the project owners to recent graduates from some of the best visual effects and games courses in the world, we’re providing a win-win situation for cost-effective crewing and the chance to work on international projects that would otherwise be beyond their reach.

Nerdeo Project_opt
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Q: Tell us something more about your key features? Do you have any new features in the pipeline?

A: Our key features at the moment are our search filters and profile SEO optimisation. It means your profile get’s easily found on google and other search engines, according to your talents. Project owners, also love the fact that they can scroll through showreels and teasers immediately on the banner.

The best though, is yet to come! We are about to launch a couple of new features, including an invoicing system for budgeted projects linked to PayPal. This will facilitate payments for international teams and recent graduates. Another feature is map view for freelancers and projects, to facilitate local collaborations.

Again, this is just the beginning, as we are looking to expand our team, our funding, build more features and build partnerships with different industry related companies.

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