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Neves Software Announces The Launch Of Its Loyality Mobile Marketing Platform

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Philip Neves, President and CEO at Neves Software:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Neves Software?

A: I’m Philip Neves, and I’m the President of Neves Software Inc.. Neves Software was incorporated in 2012.

I started Neves Software because I needed a vehicle to support my intense interest in software development and technology. At the time I had worked in several other companies and all I was doing was fixing websites or working on someone else’s project. And those projects were projects I didn’t necessarily have any interest in doing. Some of the projects, that I’m not going to name, made me question my humanity. I want to do things that benefit’s society, not hurt it.

The ideas I tend to be more interested in doing tend to be big. And for me to accomplish them I need to have an interest in seeing them through. Loyality is one of those ideas. It wasn’t built in a few months. It was more like a few years with many turns, setbacks, trials, and tribulations. And I have hundreds of more ideas like that I would like to one day see through.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of the Loyality Mobile Marketing Platform; could you tell us something more?

A: So Loyality, is an idea I came up with to help small businesses compete with bigger more established tech companies. Big tech companies have access to all the developers they need to create apps and other things that give them a decisive advantage over smaller businesses. If this trend continues I see that the future of smaller businesses looks bleak in particular bricks and mortar stores. Small businesses often give life to our communities. They are places for people to congregate, socialize and work. I feel that we need to provide all the help that we can to small businesses. Loyality was designed for that purpose.

Loyality gives a small business access to gift cards, vouchers, loyalty programs, and even mobile messaging to a merchant’s customers all in one place. Furthermore, I’ve put a great deal of work into making the system as easy to use as I can. I’ve eliminated the need for a company to need to install software using my system. All that is needed to use Loyality is a device with a camera, be it a mobile phone, tablet, pc with a webcam, or a barcode scanner that can read QR codes. That’s all the system needs to work. Signing up for the payment processor to sell gift cards and vouchers in the app will only take a few minutes. So this allows people to onboard with the system quickly and get going right away.

Q: How exactly Loyality Voucher System can help businesses?

A: Vouchers are different from gift cards and loyalty programs in the Loyality system. Vouchers allow a merchant to specify and promote a specific product. As a result, you can use vouchers to do things that other forms of advertising just don’t provide. With Loyality, we have two different types of vouchers, promotional and non-promotional. Promotional vouchers are generally given out for free. And Loyality allows you to post promotional vouchers to some social media. non-promotional vouchers you can sell through our app. And are generally used to provide a deal.

Loyality is an ala cart system. You just pay for what you use. So if you need vouchers you can use vouchers. If you need gift cards you have gift cards. If you need a loyalty program we got that too. You don’t need to use all of them. Just what you need.

Q: What are the benefits of Loyality Mobile App? How does it work?

A: The Loyality mobile app has several functions. First and foremost its a mobile wallet where a user can store their gift cards, vouchers, and loyalty programs. But the Loyality app also provides a way to for customers to find businesses close to them. Our business directory is GPS based and funds the locations for a business closest to the app user or to their home. But more importantly, the Loyality app also allows the customer to find and purchase vouchers, and gift cards. The user can send vouchers and gift cards to their friends. And it provides a one-button subscribe feature for loyalty programs in the system. Its one of the core benefits of the system.

When the user takes the app into the merchant they can just scan the QR code for the specific item right in the merchant’s establishment. So the user doesn’t need to store a bunch of plastic in their wallet. Also, the app allows the user to see what the account balance is on their gift cards. And they can see how many points they have in their loyalty program.

The Loyality system also allows the merchant to send any customer that has a gift card, voucher, or loyalty program with that merchant a message. So they can push out more deals to customers who they already have a relationship with.

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Q: What can we expect from Neves Software in the future?

A: For now, I’d like to get some more merchants into the system to see how they interact with it. But there is functionality that I just couldn’t squeeze in before I launched that I’d like to add to the system. Rest assured this system will eventually be like nothing that you’ve ever seen before in terms of capabilities. I have a backend that can push the concept of gift cards, vouchers and loyalty programs to the limit as to what they are capable of. And I will be doing just that in the next year or two.

Then there are hundreds of ideas I’d like to try out. With any luck, I’ll be afforded the opportunity to do so.

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