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New App Nommo Translate Helps You Understand And Translates 60+ Languages

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Nommo Translate – Founder Story, written by Kwanza Wagner

I’ve always had an affinity for travel and learning languages. After graduating from Penn State University, I was selected for a front office internship at the Westin Resort in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). This was my first experience with traveling the world and connecting with people from different cultures and various walks of life. It was great to see that many people from around the world visited the USVI. However, my immersion into a multilingual environment made me acutely aware of language barriers and how much it impacted my ability to fully connect and serve the guests during their stay. This experience was the first of many that highlighted the need for an all-encompassing translation device that will help people navigate the world of language and travel.

While serving in the United States Air Force between 2003-2007, I was deployed to a combat theatre. My tour took me to several different places around the world. During this time I also traveled to Ghana, Japan and The United Arab Emirates. In Japan and the UAE, I found myself struggling with the language and relying on the limited English of the people. The few Arabic and Japanese phrases that I had learned was not enough to navigate signs which were written in their respective languages. In both places, getting around proved to be a challenge. Having a translation tool that allowed for a dialogue, or the ability to scan signs and brochures in Arabic or Japanese would have been very helpful.

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More recently, as a wife, mother of two and entrepreneur, I realize that globalization has created a greater need for understanding multiple languages. The multicultural and multiethnic world that my children are born into insists that we expand our communication. This has come to include interpreting different languages from around the world. In April 2014, a business venture and a desire for a new way of life led my husband and I to sell our home in Brooklyn. We embarked on a journey that led us to Costa Rica and finally to Thailand where we resided for a year. While in Costa Rica, we traveled from coast to coast but had difficulty understanding menus, signage, hotel associates and documents. In Thailand we encountered the same issues: understanding people, and printed material. Prior to selling our home in Brooklyn, we owned and operated a home-based business where we housed people from all over the world. Communicating with guests on subjects ranging from subway directions and tourist attractions to nearby restaurants was difficult. This experience alerted me to how my days as an intern and now my life as a business owner presented me with the same language challenges.

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In Costa Rica, upon discovering that I was pregnant with my second child, I said to myself, I should create an all-encompassing app that can scan printed documents and signage, as well as serve as an instant interpreter. My life experiences and the new life growing inside of me were the inspiration and impetus to create Nommo Translate. It can be used for business, as an educational tool, or for the simple pleasure of connecting with people from around the world.

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