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New Mobile Testing Tool Apptim Provides Easy-To-Read Reports For Developers To Check Client-Side App Performance

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Below is our recent interview with Sofia Palamarchuk, CEO at Apptim:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Apptim?

A: With smartphones becoming the world’s primary gate to the internet and services, brands must think digital-first and provide a flawless user experience in order to compete. For mobile apps, this entails ensuring that they don’t load too slowly, crash, consume too much battery power, etc. In other words, they must be highly performant.

So, mobile performance testing is more crucial than ever, but it’s also a challenge to gain visibility into all of the factors that impact it. Apptim is a new mobile testing tool that provides easy-to-read reports for developers to check client-side mobile app performance, review logs, and crash details. Teams can now release new versions of their app with confidence by getting full visibility on app performance trends.

Q: What are the key benefits of using Apptim?

A: Apptim is the only mobile performance testing tool for both iOS and Android native apps that allows users to analyze app performance trends over time without the need to install an SDK or make any changes to the code.

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Key features of Apptim include:

Native app testing: Apptim evaluates the performance of native Android and iOS mobile apps while running them on real devices.
Performance and bug reports: After each test session, the tool generates a report (here is an example) with the performance metrics and bugs that you may find during your test session with Apptim. During a test, you can also attach editable screenshots and videos that the tool automatically captures for you to your report.
Out-of-the-box JIRA Integration: Publish and track bugs directly in this project management tool.
Easy to use: Apptim’s user interface is elegant and intuitive, making it a simple tool to use. In addition, on the website you can find detailed documentation that will help you through the whole process and there is support available via chat.
Compare two test sessions: If you repeat a test for a particular feature once a new version of your app is ready, you can compare the results to see if there are any big differences in the performance.

Q: Who is your ideal user and why?

A: Skilled software testers, developers, and even product owners can find Apptim to be instrumental in improving the quality of their mobile apps.

Skilled testers are well aware that mobile testing is complex and time-consuming due to the variety of devices, firmware, OS versions, sensors, network connectivity, etc. that exist. So, with Apptim, they can uncover bugs and issues that functional automated scripts miss.

As for developers, they require detailed inputs about how to reproduce a bug and precise information to fix it quickly, such as: test steps, navigation video, screenshots and device’s logs. Apptim provides comprehensive reports with actionable items to assist developers in improving their mobile app’s performance with minimum effort.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your pricing?

A: Apptim offers different plans starting with a free plan to accommodate individual users to paid plans, particularly for the benefit of teams and power users.

The free plan includes unlimited tests and shareable reports while the paid plans include additional features such as the ability to publish bugs directly to JIRA, to compare different test sessions, and to collaborate with teammates in a shared cloud workspace.

Paid plans range from $89 to $399 per month while aside from those, Apptim builds custom plans, features and integrations for enterprises.

Q: What can we expect from Apptim in the next 6 months?

A: In the next six months, we will be releasing several new exciting features, such as the ability to run autonomous bot tests to uncover performance issues, additional performance metrics for each platform (Android and iOS) and more integrations for end-to-end mobile performance testing.

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