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New Startup Zensplit Helps You Collect Money Securely For Any Purpose

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Have you ever tried collecting money for something amazing? If the answer is yes, then you probably know how difficult and complicated it can be. Guys from zensplit want to make collecting or pooling money simple, secure and effective, so you don’t waste your energy on it. Below is our recent interview with zensplit’s Co-Founder, Or Praiss:

Or Praiss, Co-Founder of ZensplitQ: What is zensplit? What inspired you to start working on it?

A: zensplit enables friends, families and communities to come together as a group and collect or pool money securely and effectively for any purpose or cause such as a ski vacation or a new coffee machine for the office. Our goal is to become the primary tool that group’s turn to when they want to make something amazing happen. zensplit is the only platform that offers a holistic solution, starting at setting an objective, inviting friends to chip in and eventually creating a unique payment method that can be used immediately and repeatedly.

People everywhere find themselves in situations where they have to collect money for different purposes, this process is often complex, burdensome, and not simple at all. One of the most annoying issues here, is that often the objective of which we collected the funds for is canceled, because lack of engagement.

zensplit addresses these needs and concerns, we have created an amazing tool focused on the user experience. After launching zensplit as an experiment mvp, we were so inspired by how people use it everyday.

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Q: How did you meet your co-founders?

A: Shai and I (Or) served the Israeli army in a technological special unit together, working closely with top companies in the army and the information industry. After finishing, we joined together with Shai’s big brother – Jimi who served in the Intelligence special forces, where he won the president’s special award for his activity.

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Q: How does zensplit plan to generate revenue? What’s your monetization plan?

A: We currently take a small fee of 2% out of each transaction. However, our future plan is to make our tool 100% free for the end user and take commission for using our unique payment method.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using zensplit?

A: zensplit is made with love for all to use, we developed zensplit to answer our own personal needs, quickly, many people reached out in request of getting access as well. We decided to continue developing, upgrading, and making the most easy to use, beautiful tool for groups. zensplit inspires you to make amazing things happen, if its with your friends, family, or even binding the community for a special cause. It’s currently 100% free. Give it a try. We promise you’ll fall in love.

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