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New York City-Based Digital Health Startup Fitango Health Extends Care Beyond The Point-Of-Care

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Fitango Health is a New York City-based digital health startup which aims to assist payers and providers in their member and patient journeys by encouraging the transition from healthcare to self care. To find out more we sat down with Dr. Dov Biran, the Founder and CEO of Fitango Health:


Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Fitango Health?

A: Fitango Health is a digital health platform that provides a highly integrated care management and member engagement solution, allowing organizations to move towards value-based care. We offer unique capabilities to improve a population’s health outcomes and decrease risk. We believe the future of healthcare extends beyond the four walls of the hospital or clinic – and into the home, family, social networks and beyond. Our mission is to improve health by providing collaborative care tools – via web and mobile apps – for everybody, everywhere.

Q: How did your other successful business ventures lead you to healthcare?

A: The majority of my work had been in technology ventures and the academic arena in both Israel and the United States. I previously founded and served as president of Bridges for Islands, a company that developed infrastructure for systems integration and B2B, which was acquired by Attunity in 2000.

I also founded and led Optimal Technologies – but I always had a keen interest in healthcare, especially here in the U.S., and how technology could be applied to improve the overall processes and costs.

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Q: Why did you begin the Fitango Health offering?

A: I founded Fitango Health to address the healthcare system’s most urgent challenges. I saw an opportunity to deploy powerful, integrated collaboration tools and analytics to help providers, caregivers and patients improve care management and patient engagement.

We aim to help healthcare organizations improve the monitoring of collaborative care, reduce unnecessary hospitalizations, and increase care plan adherence at a lower cost.

Q: What are the differentiating components of your digital health platform?

A: The concept of patient engagement and care management integrated together in one holistic platform is differentiating in and of itself. Traditionally, these have been separate applications focused on niche disease states or static information sites. By bringing these two disparate functions together, along with communication modules and population health components, Fitango Health provides a broad solution which can be applied in multi-use cases across various health-related fields or care settings.

Additionally, we have the core functionality with which our application was originally built – ActionPlans.

Fitango Health’s ActionPlans components allow managers to create customized plans for their members or patients. The member then has the opportunity to access their plan via web or mobile app to complete and report the steps in their plan. The process also includes the Action Plan Builder for ease of content creation for managers and the ActionPlan Library where the member can choose from a number of preformed plans that fit their needs.

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Q: What can we expect from you in next four months?

A: Fitango Health is currently in the process of seeking our Series A funding and will continue to extend our brand into the areas of payers, providers, life sciences and other healthcare-related markets. Our product roadmap will continue to focus on innovation with continued improvements on data analytics, social determinants of health, usability of our native mobile applications and integration with various devices.

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