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nextSociety – Better Way To Communicate With Your Professional Connections

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The New York city based startup nextSociety recently raised $1.6 Million in seed funding and officially launched the new version of its “network-smarter” app. nextSociety (xS) app is a professional networking tool that helps users to unlock the full potential of existing social network connections by organizing and prioritizing their contacts. Below is our interview with Alexander Tange, Co-Founder of nextSociety:

Alexander-TangeQ: As professional networking app, nextSociety helps to unlock the full potential of our existing connections, tell us your story and something more about your company?

A: Back in 2011, my co-founder, Peter Stebe and I met at a coffee shop close to Times Square. We were two business consultants working at Ernst & Young that had been living in the US for a while and got into a discussion about the pain of finding the right people in their network. What we had in mind was a micro network for relevant business contacts, in line with a professional’s skills and interests. Together with Ben Simsa, who joined us from Google, we started nextSociety (xS) with the mission to build the next generation of professional networking.

Today nextSociety is a professional networking tool that empowers users to make sense of their existing social networks by organizing and prioritizing their contacts. The network smarter app helps users focus on key social contacts based on their relevance, location and travel plans.

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Q: What are nextSociety key features? What set nextSociety apart from similar apps?

A: nextSociety is a tool, not a platform. While social networks have enabled us to connect with hundreds of people, it has become harder to focus on the most important contacts. The networking app filters your connections based on interests and location. For that the company has worked out a unique concept & algorithm of figuring out the relevance of connections. Initially based on Linkedin, it helps you to connect with the right people at the right time.
Additionally, the newly introduced ping feature makes it easy to reach out and is following a market trend of a shorter and quicker means of communication. With one tap you can let your most relevant contacts know that you like to meet in a location of choice.

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Q: Tell us something more about your new strategy for 2015 and upcoming features?

A: Future features will integrate additional social networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as allow check-in to conferences. xS is currently available for iOS while an Android version is planned throughout 2015 as well. In the next six months we will see a networking app with some very cool premium features. We plan launches in several communities and will utilize the feedback to build a best-in-class networking solution. Additionally, we are evaluating some new partnerships in 2015 – so stay tuned for some more great updates soon.


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Q: How would you convince the reader to start using it?

A: People that maintain 500+ contacts – busy with their daily professional lives, enjoy to travel and want to make more out of their network will love the app. Since our contacts are constantly progressing their careers, gaining skills, changing job or moving cities, it is almost impossible to keep track of who to talk to from a business perspective. That’s exactly what nextSociety solves eloquently with more to come. It will help you to meet the right people at the right time and in the right place.

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