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Nimbus – Helps Startups Get More Customers

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Nimbus is a marketing agency that specializes in customer acquisition automation and content production. They focus on generating quality leads and increasing sales through the internet. Steve Katz, Co-Founder of Nimbus, shares more details with us:

Steve Katz, Co-Founder of NimbusQ: Tell us your story and something more about Nimbus?

A: Nimbus was originally founded as a cloud application services consultancy by Paul. I met Paul through a mutual friend in Boulder while watching a college basketball game at a bar! It was Michigan vs Michigan State (Paul and I are both UM alum). I had worked with HubSpot and was inbound certified and Paul was looking to learn more about that. After fleshing out some potential ideas, we came to the conclusion that starting a marketing agency focused on automation and content production was highly in demand (based on a number of people in the industry that we asked). From there we started networking and the rest they say is history!


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Q: What does Nimbus do really well and how can startups best leverage it?

A: We adhere to a very fast moving, iterative process similar to what the Lean startup methodology offers for product development. We believe that a startup should spend just as much time on outreach and marketing in order to gain awareness as they do with their product dev. That is our multi-channel marketing strategy we employ. We also offer content production campaign strategies based on SEO, social, email, blogging, landing pages and offers such as ebooks and whitepapers. We’re a more visual-based content agency that prefers video and infographic design as opposed to long form copy. Our automation services work in conjunction with all of that since we are very knowledgable on what applications to use for certain situations. Automation can help small to enterprise level companies with workflow and seamless integration between marketing and sales. While these services sound fragmented, they are actually all part of the internet marketing machine of automating, iterating and creating consistent and valuable content.


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Q: Tell us something more about pricing?

A: We price based on the perceived value of the project. While we have the hourly in our head, we base it on how valuable the project or strategy is for the client. That’s why we don’t necessarily have a standard rate for everything.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We plan on expanding our scope to cover more internet channels so that we are a fully formed automation and quant-based internet marketing agency.

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