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Nortek Security & Control: Smart Home, Wellness And Access Control Connectivity

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We spoke with Nortek Security & Control’s‏ Group VP of Marketing, Rob Halligan about the company’s four pillar brands which span security, automation, access control and digital health, as well as discuss the company’s latest developments in the personal safety and wellness market.

Q: Rob, tell us something more about the company? What is your core competence?

A: Nortek Security & Control is a world leader in smart connected devices and systems for the residential, security, access control and digital health markets. Headquartered in California, Nortek Security & Control comprises four innovative brands including 2GIG, GoControl, Linear and Numera, which each address specific markets. With more than 50 years of experience building wireless products, Nortek Security & Control is a supplier of innovative technology for a diverse customer base that includes national telecoms, OEM partners, service providers, security dealers, big-box retailers and consumers.

Nortek Security & Control’s 2GIG solutions address the monitored and installed security and automation market, with the new 2GIG GC3 panel and its predecessor the 2GIG GC2, both of which can control security and home automation devices. The GoControl brand addresses smart home automation with devices that can be installed by the homeowner, which work with any Z-Wave system as well as the 2GIG panels.

Linear offers access controllers, keypads and entry systems for commercial applications. The most recent addition to the company is Numera; the health and wellness division provides the market with the Numera Libris wearable pendant, a mobile personal emergency response system with Numera EverThere cloud-based health monitoring, as well as the new Numera Home Safety Hub.

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Q: You’ve recently launched the Numera Home Safety Hub; tell us something more?

A: The Numera Home Safety Hub offers a unique blend of health emergency response, automated fall-detection and personal safety of the Numera Libris mPERS device with Nortek Security & Control’s 2GIG sensors and home security monitoring. The hub connects 2GIG sensors to the alert system of the Libris device, which allows caregivers insight into the daily activity and safety of their loved ones who may be managing chronic conditions or seniors aging in place.

The Home Safety Hub is also accompanied by the Personal Help Button, a small emergency response button that is able to be worn as a pendant or on the wrist. With this complete system, caregivers of the user can receive alerts about important health or safety events that would require their involvement, including a smoke alarm, detection of a potential fall or prolonged inactivity during a certain period of time. Numera’s Home Safety Hub features a range up to 1,000 feet, upgradeable firmware, customizable “night-time,” “do-not disturb” and personalized activity windows.

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Q: What advantage does Nortek Security & Control have over its competitors?

A: Nortek Security & Control’s distinctly-branded product pillars provide the company with a wide market reach in the residential and commercial security monitoring, smart IoT device and connected health and safety wearables markets. Strategic acquisitions of the 2GIG and Numera brands have resulted in the introduction of new devices and solutions such as the Home Safety Hub and the GC3 all-in-one home automation panel. Nortek Security & Control’s market reach is extended through its vast dealer network for the 2GIG devices which require professional installation, and then through its consumer-friendly GoControl brand that is easy to self-install with any Z-Wave hub and app, or add to an installed system. Its large portfolio of products appeal to a wide variety of users, from the digital health space to early smart-home adopters.

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Q: What can we expect from you in next six months?

A: The most recent developments from Nortek Security & Control are from ISC West, where the company introduced several new products including the Numera Home Safety Hub and the 2GIG Smoke Detector Sensor. Devices from the GoControl line including the Smart Flood Detector, the Smart Flow Detector and the Smart Irrigation Controller will be shipping this spring, to provide homeowners the ability remotely monitor or control their home’s water usage.

In addition to these new devices, Nortek Security & Control will continue to announce a number of new products and solutions for each of the aforementioned brands, GoControl, 2GIG, Numera and Linear, over the next six months that will contribute to more robust security, control and wellness portfolios.

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