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NoteVault – Advanced Reporting Solutions For A Growing Mobile Workforce

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NoteVault delivers innovative voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the commercial construction industry. We talked with Rebecca Janzon, VP of Marketing & Communications at NoteVault about their customers, competition and new program “One Team. One report”:

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Q: What’s the best thing about NoteVault that people might not know about?

A: NoteVault uses the best of cloud and mobile technology to deliver a powerful reporting solution for a growing mobile workforce. Its easy to use mobile apps and powerful platform are revolutionizing the way mobile workers report field work to management. Real-time syncing and collaboration functionality enable constant communication between the office and the field, plus the addition of human transcribers guarantees professional documentation is created and maintained.

Q: You recently announced the launch of a new program “One Team. One Report.”; tell us something more?

A: Complicated, large projects with many suppliers and sub-suppliers often lack transparency needed to complete them on-time and on-budget. NoteVault’s One Team. One Report. program is designed to give project owners the transparency they need without added costs, to them or suppliers. The program enables suppliers and sub-suppliers to post notes, photos and labor to any project at no cost, no matter how many suppliers are working on the project. Each supplier is allocated a free individual NoteVault account. NoteVault links the supplier project report to the project owner report. This results in a professional daily report, including all supplier notes collated for easy reference, delivered every day or on demand. Plus, suppliers receive their own reports for their work.

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Q: Who is your ideal customer and why?

A: The ideal customer for the NoteVault solution is any company with a mobile workforce managing complicated projects in which project documentation is vital to the timely completion and where risk mitigation is critical to ensure the long-term profitability of the project. Our customers include some of the largest construction and engineering firms in the US, as well as utility/oil & gas, facility management and retail.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: NoteVault constantly looks for ways to improve our customers’ experiences with our solution as well as developing value-added features for both the platform and mobile apps. You’ll be seeing some exciting new enhancements in these areas over the coming months.

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Q: How does NoteVault differ from its competition?

A: NoteVault is best in class for a dedicated report management solution. Where as reporting solutions within PM software are limited in their functionality, NoteVault offers a depth and breath of features specifically to improve communication, collaboration on projects as well as an efficient way to escalate issues and concerns. Our professional human transcription is more competitive than dictation services and is staffed by professionals who know the terminology.

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