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NovaStor – Backup Software Built To Protect Your Business

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NovaStor provides reliable backup and restore solutions to small and medium businesses as well as enterprise environments. NovaStor’s data-protection solutions for physical and virtual environments are developed in Agoura Hills, CA and Hamburg, Germany.

Below is our interview with Mike Andrews, NovaStor’s Managing Director:

Mike Andrews, Managing Director at NovaStorQ: Mike, NovaStor provides backup and restore solutions to small businesses and enterprise environments. Tell us something more about NovaStor and your solutions?

A: Actually, our approach is to tell you a bit “less” about our solutions. Yes we do have solutions that can cover just about any backup requirement in the complete horizontal market, but we’ve learned that being everything for everyone is not a strategy. While we do reach a wide market and we’re capable of supporting them all, we concentrate on our areas of strength and now group business as either strategic (focus) or opportunistic. We do very well in specific verticals and in future builds we will begin to lean more towards their specific needs. We’ve attained greater success being specialists in some fields instead of just throwing features out there to everyone.

On the Small Business side of things we offer the best single server backup solution on the market. The value for quality, capability, speed and feature set that we deliver with our single server product cannot be touched by any other solution. We state that we are “backup for the rest of us” and we totally understand that a small business needs a complete solution. What they don’t need is being tricked into a base model and then be nickel and dimed for each feature they wish to add. Our pricing is all inclusive – meaning for a single price, the end user gets all the features and no surprises.

The Enterprise side of our business is a separate product. With regards to scalability, speed, quality and reliability, we rank with the top solutions in the industry, with some clients topping 15 Petabytes of data. With our NovaBACKUP DataCenter, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on being more disruptive – areas where budgets are more important than brand names. Markets like cities, utilities and education. They need products that work, but are always dealing with tight budgets. Unfortunately, budgets are static, but critical data continues to grow at alarming rates. Many are using inferior products like Backup Exec and need to upgrade but they all have to deal with the shortcomings due to being prisoners to their budget. We have special licensing programs for these groups which allow them to upgrade to better technology without the extra budget requirements. In several instances, the money saved with using our solutions has helped fund other areas that were suffering (like storage – mentioned earlier).

With NovaStor, you can backup your data to cloud-based servers.

With NovaStor, you can backup your data to cloud-based servers.

Q: Backup is fundamental for any business, what are main benefits of using NovaBACKUP solution?

A: I’ll expand on one of our core benefits that was touched on within the previous answer. NovaStor is “backup for the rest of us”. This is not just a claim, it relates to every reseller we sign and every decision we make, it has become our DNA. When we develop any solution, we ask “is this backup for the rest of us”? The rest of us are small businesses owners that have critical and sometimes large amounts of data. They know that they need to protect their data, but there is very little knowledge beyond this point. I like to use an extreme example – a tattoo artist owns a small shop, they have databases for their artwork and all their customer data. This small business owner has as much time to learn about backup as we do to learn about giving people tattoos – not going to happen. NovaStor and our network of Certified partners offer what we call 360 degree support. Our support starts before the purchase even happens. We will talk to our prospect, learn what equipment they already have, listen to their unique requirements and then recommend a backup solution/architecture that’s best for them. If/when they decide to select our solution, their dedicated representative will help them through the purchase process and then immediately set up an appointment to help them install their new solution. With our “all inclusive” licensing, we also include the first year of technical support (phone, email, web, chat, etc..) as well as access to any updates or upgrades that are release during the year after purchase. We don’t stop offering support until they decide to cut their ties with NovaStor – which rarely happens.

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Q: Tell us something more about NovaBACKUP file-sync capability?

A: I would say that this is our toe in the water to the file-sync world. It’s not our focus to become a synchronization of file sharing company. This space is already filled with great solutions like Dropbox for instance and we believe that backup is a different animal and we should only be the experts in ONE space. We know that people (including our customers) will be using these tools and we wanted to provide these “cloud” technologies with the same level of protection that we provide the data on a local machine. Your data is you data, no matter where it’s located. We provide the ability to either backup data from these popular file sharing/syncing applications to a local or another cloud device so that our customers are protected from accidental deletion or overwriting of this information. There is only one copy of the data out there when it comes to synchronization or sharing and the latest version is the last version that someone has shared. This may not be the version that you need. Now you can rest easy and restore the version you need from any point in time. We also made these external cloud “storage or backup devices”. You can direct local files or other cloud files to be backed up to your favorite file sharing/syncing device. This is great for having both local and offsite copies of your data (best practices) and with many of these providers, they offer a decent amount of their storage for free. Take the example of Microsoft’s OneDrive and the unlimited cloud storage that they offer Office 365 customers. Why not take advantage of it and backup your pictures, local business documents, music and any other critical data to an additional secure location. Our goal is not to compete in this space, we just want to make it more versatile/better. Our technologies complement each other and we just want to stay at the leading edge of how our customers handle their data and be their guardian angels if it becomes lost.

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Q: What we can expect from NovaStor in the future? What are your plans?

A: Wow, this question really makes my brain start to buzz. After a long absence, NovaStor has just hired a new CTO. He is taking our already creative mindset to the next level and plans to get us there quicker. With a focus on vertical markets and maintaining “backup for the rest of us”, we’re going to be focusing on the technologies that are important and match the direction they need to go. We plan to ease transition to the cloud and introduce appliance kits and integrations that will allow a more turn-key approach to this business at a price that makes sense. We will also be taking more advantage of our latest patent, where we’ve revolutionized the most important part of any backup plan – the restore. Our patented technology makes it so the end user doesn’t have to know or care where or when their data was backed up, they can still view every file within a single interface and restore the information as it existed at any point in time. Think of things like Ransomware that haunt and halt businesses today, we remove their effect by allowing our customers to turn back time and go to a happy place.

NovaStor offers backup assistance so you dont have to worry about that.

NovaStor offers all necessary backup assistance.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using NovaStor solutions?

A: First of all, I would like to convince the reader to at least use ANY backup solution. The percentage of small businesses without a proper backup plan in place is just staggering. It’s an education process and unfortunately, that education is typically learned the hard way through a catastrophic data loss experience. Selecting a backup solution is the start of a relationship in trust. We never leave your side and if for whatever reason you still don’t like our solution, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. There’s no risk and plenty of reward. Also, top management is very involved in the business and can be made accessible to any customer. As they say, you learn the most from your angriest customers. If you take the time to try an make us better, we will take the time to listen. We completely understand that backup is not your top priority and that you have a business to run.

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