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OCTANe Has Enabled Hundreds Of Companies In Orange County To Get Started And Grow

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OCTANe has created a successful ecosystem that accelerates the flow of ideas, talent, and capital by creating an infrastructure where entrepreneurs, academia, company executives, and business advisors build and grow sustainable organizations. Below is our interview with Bill Carpou, CEO of OCTANe:

Bill Carpou
Q: What Does OCTANe Do?

A: OCTANe is a technology accelerator driving innovation by connecting ideas and people with resources and capital. In other words, we support the creation of new companies resulting in jobs, innovation and a collaborative ecosystem.

Q: How Many Companies Have Used Your Service and What Are The Results?

A: On average we have 400 companies that inquirer about our service each year. Our vetting process reduces the initial companies to about 35 that complete the entire process and prepares them for introductions to investors. Since 2010, we have had 221 companies graduate our process with 208 companies receiving funding. This is an unprecedented rate and reflects the extreme diligence in the OCTANe process and credibility we have with the investment community.

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Q: What Is Important To Start Ups?

A: Capital, capital and capital. Seriously, there is nothing more important than capital. They are the table stakes to even play. However, beyond that we have found both a need and desire to acquire expertise so the start up can assure capital is being deployed properly and the company grows. The two areas of focus for OCTANe currently are providing greater access to capital and greater access to expertise utilizing in both cases our vast network of advisors and investors.

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Q: What Is Your Vision For The Future of OCTANe?

A: OCTANe is in a unique position to lead a transformation of our ecosystem and be recognized both nationally and globally as an enabler of innovation and company creation. We will need to continue and provide value for our members, partners and sponsors and be the thread that keeps our community connected. Our conferences will grow in content and relevance to continue and attract a diverse constituency. Perhaps the most important part of our vision will be OCTANe Growth Services which will be announced in October and provide early stage companies the resources and expertise to grow, operate efficiently and create a roadmap for an eventual liquidity event. In the end we will deliver quantitative results that create new jobs, improve overall economic impact and build a more collaborative region.

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