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ONDiGO – Fully-Automated Mobile-First CRM “On-the-go”

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ONDiGO is a revolutionary Mobile CRM for startups and small businesses, with special focus on “on-the-go” professionals. It captures all business interactions – email, calendar, phone calls, text messages, etc and automatically builds a customer database from those interactions. Yoni Dariel, Co-founder and CEO of ONDiGO, shares more details about ONDiGO in the interview below:

Yoni Dariel, Co-founder & CEO at ONDiGOQ: ONDiGO aims to revolutionize mobile CRM, how can startups and small businesses best leverage it?

A: Managing clients is tough, especially for small businesses & startups and even more so for small businesses & startups who are constantly on-the-go. Once you install ONDiGO on your device ONDiGO begins capturing your business interactions via email, calendar, phone calls, text messages and much more, and builds those interactions for you into a CRM database. So basically you can keep using your smartphone like you would normally do and ONDiGO does the rest for you –  taking away all the administrative overhead and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

ONDiGO app preview

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Q: Tell us something more about ONDiGO for Salesforce?

A: For all the small businesses, startups and sales-people out there who already have an existing Salesforce account in place we’ve developed ONDiGO for Salesforce. What ONDiGO for Salesforce does is to take all the interactions you conduct on-the-go and AUTOMATICALLY insert them into your existing Salesforce account – with ZERO-DATA-ENTRY! This means that instead of having to drive back to the office at the end of your day and start manually entering everything you did that day into your desktop Salesforce account – ONDiGO does this for you, saving close to 1 hour a day on avg. of manual data-entry for Salesforce users out there.

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ONDiGO Salesforce

Q: What advantage does ONDiGO have over its competitors?

A: ONDiGO is a Mobile-first CRM, it is super simple to use, it is fully-automated and offers a zero-data-entry experience.

Unlike traditional desktop CRM solutions out there ONDiGO has adapted to the way we all work nowadays in the smartphone era.

The challenge competitors are facing (and ONDiGO has solved) is that it’s not enough to take your traditional CRM and try to squeeze it onto a smaller mobile screen. It’s all about cracking the mobile experience. You need to have “Mobile” in your basic DNA. Mobile is a different game. It’s all about narrowing down to 20% functionality to provide 80% value. while your constraint is that data-entry is limited to taps and swipes.


Q: What can we expect from your team in next six months? What are your plans?

A: In the next six months we will be releasing new functionality our user-community has repeatedly been asking for;

The ability to collaborate between a few team members and share content and contacts through group interactions.

We will also be releasing our new dashboards and weekly email reports which will be sent directly to your inbox and give you a full report on your activity with ONDiGO that week.

We also work super-hard on making ONDiGO easily compatible with any CRM database out there so you can choose to use our database or an existing database you are already working with, but still enjoy the ONDiGO magic.

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