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Online Marketplace ToBox Allows Consumers To Buy Directly From The Factory, Cutting Out Middleman And Brands

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Edward Hutchins, CEO at ToBox:

Q: Edward, tell us something more about ToBox?

A: ToBox is the first curated direct-to-consumer online marketplace in the world. We allow consumers to buy directly from the factory, cutting out middleman and brands. So, our customers are able to buy quality products at up to 40% less than traditional retailers. All manufacturers and products on our platform are curated by our team. We only work with the best factories in the world, and we ensure they meet global quality standards. What’s more, we also visit each factory to make sure they meet our own ethical standards. That means suitable working environments and salaries for their employees. We’re confident we can offer great quality products, produced ethically, at amazing prices.

Q: What kinds of products do you offer to your customers?

A: Currently, ToBox offers a range of kitchen essentials. From cooking tools to small appliances. Our best selling products include toasters, yogurt makers, air fryers, and pepper grinders. We are adding products to our selection every week, so there’s always something new to check back for. ToBox also plans to expand its product offering into homewares in the future. We will offer a selection of products for your bedroom, bathroom, and living room. We know the sky is the limit for us, and we’re excited about what other product opportunities come up in the future as well.

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Q: What sets you apart from the other consumer goods companies?

A: We do the right thing. Everyone deserves the right to know exactly what they are paying for. That’s why we offer full transparency into our costs and supply chain. With ToBox, you know exactly where the products you are buying come from. You know what they cost to make, and how much they cost to ship to you. We call that honest pricing. We’re happy to share this info with our customers because it’s the right thing to do. As we grow we want to challenge ourselves and our peers to push the boundaries of what a company should be.

Q: How do you manage to offer products priced up to 40% less than even the top brands with their best discounts? What’s the catch?

A: There is no catch! Our business model is simple. We ship products straight from the manufacturer to the customer. That means there are no brands. No wholesalers. No Retailers. Only lower prices for the customer. In traditional business models, the manufacturer will sell their products to a brand. The brand then adds their own markup before they sell to a wholesaler. The wholesaler adds their own markup before they sell to a retailer. You get the point. All this added markup means that the product ends up being more expensive for the customer. We skip all those steps so we keep our costs down and pass those savings on to the customer.

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Q: What’s the vision that guides you?

A: We believe everyone has the right to affordable, beautiful, quality products. We also believe customers have the right to know what they’re paying for and where their money goes. We aim to push the boundaries for companies to do the right thing for the consumer, and their suppliers. Transparency and honesty is the future, and we want to be part of that.

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