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Original Founder Of VisualTargeting® Entertainment Billionaire Steven Kronick Introduces Multi Trillion Dollar Solution

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VisualTargeting® is The New Industry Standard in Design, Trusted by Fortune 500s, Businesses, Bestsellers + Celebrities, in 182 Countries. Taught at the West Coast’s #1 Design + Branding University FiDM, officially published + available at Branes&Noble, Members of the VisualTreasury™ powered by TrendSetter™, the global database through which VisualTargeting® guides companies, reduces design costs, and product development risks, include UniLever, AARP, Anthony Robbins, TIGI BedHead, Toni&Guy, Jeff Greene’s Kimpton Tideline Ocean Resort, Condé Nast Traveler’s Choice Forbes Five Star EAU Palm Beach Resort, and many more. Below is our interview with Steven Kronick, Original Founder of VisualTargeting®:


Q: What kind of solutions do you offer to your clients?

A: VisualTargeting® technologies exist to improve the level of happiness, joy, enjoyment, fulfillment, inspiration, quality and length of life, for everyone who is alive today + will be tomorrow. We are the only company on earth that does what we do.

Request your free copy of the Barnes&Noble book ATTRACTION: How VisualTargeting® Steers Our Choices in the form of an instant download at our website.

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Q: Why is now the time for a technology solution like VisualTargeting®?

A: For many years Berkshire Hathaway has agreed that VisualTargeting® technologies solve an estimated $500+ Billion Per Year issue in virtually every business and communication industry, making it a unique multi trillion dollar solution patented + protected by the United States Government. This public endorsement was mentioned in 2010 in publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, CNBC, CBS, ABC, and The Wall Street Journal.

Before the completion of the 4th quarter of 2015 Berkshire Hathaway publicized that international design and advertising world leader, Ogilvy, has appointed VisualTargeting® to become Official Partner, joining the ranks of Twitter, Spotify, and a select group of visionary innovators. Ogilvy Vice Chairman and advertising design international bestselling celebrity speaker Rory Sutherland states in a video interview that VisualTargeting® “makes 90% of the Consumer Decision.”

In 2017 Adobe Photoshop began introducing patented VisualTargeting® intellectual property elements to all of their 150,000,000+ registered users. Read more here.

It is not every day that somebody starts a trillion dollar business. But before that person was mentored by an undisclosed list of global business leaders in his early 20’s, and then trained for 7 years as a personal celebrity guest of Tony Robbins, he had already decided specifically to become a Trillionaire, a decision he made when he was 20. It is easy to understand how and why someone who opened his first bank account to cash his first corporate commission check at 8 years of age may think that way. Especially when countless major companies from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Time Warner, New York Times, IBM, HBO, General Mills, J.D. Power & Associates, Charles Schwab, Uni-Lever, Nielson, Ford, MySpace, DISH, YouTube, and more, have been publicly asking for a solution to the estimated $700+ billion dollar per year design gamble (World Advertising Research Foundation) conducted by more than 27 million businesses since before 2007, expressing that there is an urgent “growing imperative for measurable business performance from design investments.” (Communication Arts Magazine)

Public Billionaire Musician, Designer, and Entertainment Genius, Steven Kronick, took Tony Robbins’ training invitation with a tremendous amount of respect. “Things are only impossible until somebody does what another believes cannot be done,” says Robbins. With an often life threatening commitment to God, Kronick has quite obviously accomplished “the impossible,” having created a revolutionary breakthrough that is used in 182 countries, trusted by Fortune 500’s, Business Celebrities and Bestsellers, and may very well be able to not only raise any business’ profits, and client satisfaction, but also has profound personal effects, from helping cause love, to healing relationships, and even accelerating medical recovery, quite possibly extending not only the quality of life but length of one’s time on earth here.

However, despite countless 50 hour work days in his 20’s, he still explicitly credits God 100% for any and all achievements, stating that “Work is not enough to receive a miracle. Perhaps work is rewarded, but there seems to clearly be a higher source of miracles than simply effort. From my birth and through this entire journey I have believed in God, and Jesus Christ. My faith has been the primary reason and cause of the response to many of my prayers.”

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Q: Tell us more about MarketFinder™, how does it work?

A: MarketFinder™ is an amazing product. I always knew it was the best solution for artists, however I didn’t realize how powerful MarketFinder™ was until I actually used it myself. MarketFinder™ allows you to open new markets that already exist but are otherwise impossible to find. Without investing a penny into design MarketFinder™ allows any artist, designer, individual, small business owner, and major corporation to discover exactly who + where is statistically most likely to purchase their existing brand, products and/or designs, based on the most reliable research in the world, performed in nearly every country on earth at this point. MarketFinder™ is the most brilliant reverse engineering marketing research innovation in the world. You put in an image or set of images + MarketFinder™ tells you exactly who to target your advertising at, including ages, genders, education levels, income levels, occupations, industries, locations as precise as countries, states + zip codes. For brands with many existing designs that cannot be changed, MarketFinder™ might be the most powerful marketing innovation on earth today.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I am always signing some of the most exciting contracts of my life, however they all come with non disclosure, confidentiality and/or secrecy agreements, so I really wish I could answer that question. Personal interests have always included entertainment from movies to music + a great team of some of the world’s absolute most successful people in the music business are looking forward to billboard charts, grammy awards + multi platinum sales from an album we are producing that will be focused on sharing the love of God in a way that global mass markets can actually understand + relate to in a fresh new + straightforward way.

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