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Ouino – Makes Language Learning Fun And Effective For Everyone

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Ouino Languages is the company behind innovative language learning software Ouino. A highly customizable language learning solution Ouino has built a respectable reputation among students for its effectiveness. Ouino is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Recently released new version offers many new features, for example the introduction of the multi-level exercises after each lesson. Below is our interview with Tim Pelletier, Co-Founder of Ouino Languages:

Q: Tim, how would you describe Ouino in your own words?

A: Ouino is all about innovation and creating a language learning solution that works for everyone. We believe that learning a new language can be one of the greatest experience one can have. However, for that experience to be enjoyable you need to see great progress. Lots of people try to learn and find themselves lost and they don’t see improvement. This can change the experience to a negative and frustrating one. With Ouino we want to provide people with the right tools in order to increase the number of positive experiences people have with language learning.

Ouino is a highly customizable program to fit the needs of the user. We included tools to practice all aspects of a language and integrated multi-sensory learning. It doesn’t matter if you learn fast, slow, or what your learning style is. Ouino was made to be an effective learning technique for everyone.

Q: You’ve recently announced your new version with exciting learning features, tell us something more?

A: Ouino changes over time, we listen to the comments of our users and we always research ways to improve in order to make the learning experience the best it can be. The new version offers many new features that we are very proud of. At the top of the list of exciting features is the introduction of the multi-level exercises after each lesson.

Many people struggle with memorization of words, they struggle even more when it comes to using these words for themselves. The multi-level exercises allow the user to see the words in different ways and they get gradually harder. This multiplies the speed at which the words can be learned and increases the memorization of the users. It is really something that people need to try to really see the benefits it can bring.

Another feature that we included was the recommended learning path. Ouino uses a non-linear approach to learning languages. This means that you can choose to learn the material that is most relevant to you and therefore create your own learning path. For example a traveler may want to learn about the airport before learning about animals. This is a feature that many users love about our program, but we also included the recommended learning path for users who prefer to be guided from point A to B. This gives the user the best of both worlds; an open learning experience while always having a path to follow if need be.

We have had overwhelmingly good feedback on our latest version, this motivates us to bring even more amazing learning features in the future, we realize that no product on earth is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

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Q: More generally, how do you see the online language learning landscape developing, and where do you place yourself in the industry?

A: Our prime goal is to give a great learning experience to everyone who uses the program. This is our goal now and for the future. We will continuously improve and provide free upgrades to our users. We also want to expand our presence and make it easier for people to find us because we strongly feel Ouino can help them learn a language more successfully. We hope our presence will grow from the pure fact that people like our program. The growth of Ouino is our secondary goal and we never want to compromise quality for volume.

Within the language learning industry, we try to offer a high-end product at the most affordable price possible. Lots of software on the market are very expensive. Many are less expensive, but offer a lower quality product as a result. We want to offer a top-of-the-line program at a price that is appealing to everyone.

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Q: Is Ouino mobile compatible?

A: Yes, Ouino is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This is also one of the features we recently added along with the release of the new version. With the growing number of mobile devices, it only made sense to make a version that people could use anywhere on their mobile.

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Q: What are your plans for the next three months?

A: For the next three months, we plan to expand the user experience even more. We are testing out some features right now that we plan to add to the program eventually if they prove to be a successful addition to the program. Furthermore, we want to provide information to help learn languages outside of Ouino and show users how to incorporate the language they are learning in their lives without having to move to a different country.

We also plan to work on spreading the word about our software. It has been very successful for home use, but we made the new version very teacher-friendly as well. Teachers can follow the progress of each of their students from their own Ouino account. Learning languages at school is often not successful enough, we want Ouino to help change that. At the end, all we want is to improve the learning experience for anyone trying to learn a language, no matter what the reason is.

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