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OVENS International – Consulting Services Designed To Specifically Yield The Most Critical Outcomes For Startups

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Sam Ovens, CEO & Founder of OVENS International is a digital marketing consultant and also the CEO & Founder of SnapInspect a property inspection app for property management companies. SnapInspect has become an immensely popular application for property inspections and is now utilized in 16 different countries.

Below is our interview with Sam:


Q: Sam, could you tell us your entrepreneurial story?

A: My entrepreneurial story is one involving the transformation of a great deal of hardship into a formidable educational experience. It begins with a brief stint in a corporate environment, which ultimately served as the impetus for my pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities due to my complete and utter distaste for all aspects of corporate culture. After leaving the corporate world behind, I started over and founded several companies out of my parents’ garage in New Zealand.

Although these companies did not bring the success I expected, the lessons learned from my experience proved to be invaluable in shaping the entrepreneurial approach that has allowed me to become so successful with OVENS International. Since earning over $10 million through OVENS International and SnapInspect, I now live quite comfortably in Manhattan. My focus with OVENS International is now mostly geared toward e-learning, although it did begin as a digital marketing consulting firm.

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Q: You are also the Founder of SnapInspect a property inspection app; how is that part of the business going?

A: SnapInspect has become an immensely popular application for property inspections and is now utilized in 16 different countries with over 2,000 clients — including real estate and property management companies as well as entire government agencies. While I am incredibly proud of what SnapInspect has become over such a short period of time, I actually sold the company in 2013 for quite a large return on my initial investment. I simply came to the realization that I was more passionate about my consulting work with OVENS International and decided to devote all of my attention to a single entrepreneurial pursuit.


Q: What can you do for startups and small businesses? Tell us something more about your consulting services?

A: The overwhelming majority of startups and small businesses are not properly leveraging the digital marketing strategies that are available to them. As a result, these companies are losing out on a massive source of potential revenue from new customer acquisition along with greater brand recognition. Through OVENS International, I have turned what used to be an opaque process into an exact science that delivers consistently outstanding results for clients.

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As a consultant, I can attribute my success to simply recognizing the shortcomings of the established practices favored by most marketing firms. My digital marketing consulting services are designed to specifically yield the most critical outcomes for startups and small businesses: more customers and greater revenue.

Since my consulting strategies were so consistently effective, I decided to offer educational courses through OVENS International as well. Through my online training programs and digital education courses, I have helped countless individuals begin successful and highly lucrative consulting firms of their own. I have always enjoyed helping others, so this has quickly become the principal focus of my efforts through OVENS International.

Q: How does it work?

A: As a natural contrarian, I quickly arrived at the conclusion that the traditional paths to professional success and financial security were inefficient and not all that lucrative over the long term. After putting this conclusion to the test through the foundation of both OVENS International and SnapInspect, I feel entirely confident in the accuracy of my beliefs and the efficacy of my approach to entrepreneurship. My guiding principles are now available through my e-learning program to anyone who wishes to enjoy the level of success I have achieved and have helped so many others achieve as well.

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Q: What’s the achievement you are most proud of?

A: I am most proud of the fact that my entrepreneurial methodologies have been demonstrably — and perhaps even savagely — effective on a consistent basis, so much so that I have already assisted nine individuals in becoming millionaire consultants and have helped hundreds of others generate six-figure incomes through the OVENS International digital education program.

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