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PandaDoc Raises $15M Series B Funding To Say Goodbye To Paper-Based Systems And PDFs

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PandaDoc is a growing global commerce platform that aims to change the world of documents. PandaDoc features data merge, along with data-driven feedback, to help organizations easily build, edit, execute and track documents. PandaDoc’s solutions includes Proposals, eSignature, Contracts Management, Quotes, HR, Payments and various integrations to speed up organization’s transact times. To find out more about their platform, we sat down with Brian Fitzgerald from PandaDoc:


Q: Brian, you’ve recently announced $15M in Series B Round; could you tell us something more?

A: Yes, we are very excited about closing our Series B, as the investment will help us scale our development and operations significantly. And we couldn’t have asked for better partners.

Investors in our Series B include Rembrandt Venture Partners, Microsoft Ventures, HubSpot, EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and Altos Ventures – who also participated in our Series A as lead investor. Our Series B lead investor is Rembrandt Venture Partners.

We took great care in choosing our investors. We chose partners that understand our business and the market we are in, and that also bring more to the table than just cash.

For example:

· Rembrandt brings great experience and insights, as well as a treasure trove of connections.
· Microsoft VC understands our business, and they have a vast ecosystem for our solution to flourish in. Microsoft is already one of our integration partners.
· HubSpot is one of our best business partners, and we are excited to expand that relationship.
· Altos Ventures has been with us from the beginning, so that fact that they are reinvesting speaks volumes.
· And because we are a global technology company, EBRD made perfect sense.

For our Series A, which closed in July of 2015, we raised $5 million. Series A investors included Altos Ventures, TMT Investments, CEO of Quicken Eric Dunn, Kima Ventures and a few others.

To date, we have raised $20 million in venture funding.

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Q: How do you change the way companies work with documents?

A: PandaDoc helps accelerate the way organizations transact. It integrates with the world’s leading CRMs, as well as ERP, payment, cloud storage and other systems. PandaDoc has powerful features that enable businesses to easily generate, track and execute documents. Companies that run on PandaDoc are consistently reporting higher close rates, bigger deals, shorter sales cycles, full compliance and other improvements that relate to the final stages of the buying cycle.

Q: What kind of solutions does PandaDoc offer to its customers?

A: PandaDoc is a growing global commerce platform that serves as both a standalone solution, and an Add On for some of the most widely used platforms on the market – including HubSPot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and many more. PandaDoc features data merge, along with data-driven feedback, to help organizations easily build, edit, execute and track documents. PandaDoc increases the productivity and close rates of sales professionals by giving them more effective sales documents at the final stage of the buying cycle.

PandaDoc brings document creation, CRM merge, analytics, configure price quote (CPQ), payments, eSignature and more together in one seamless offering.

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Q: What makes you stand out from competition?

A: PandaDoc is not just a document or eSignature solution, we actually help organizations improve efficiency, and increase sales and close rates. We are a critical part of the transaction management lifecycle.

PandaDoc is feature rich, and we have a great user interface. We focus on the user experience, and we listen to our customers.

Q: What is PandaDoc’s mission?

A: Our mission is to improve the way that all organizations transact. We also want them to say goodbye to paper-based systems and PDFs. There is an easier, and better way transact business, and PandaDoc has the solution.

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