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Paraglide – Increase Productivity And Improve Employee Happiness

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New startup Paraglide helps employers to increase employee productivity by delivering unique and interesting perks. Paraglide’s platform makes it simple for employees to discover what perks they have at their disposal, and offers employers the ability to reward their employees for engagement in perk programs. Below is our recent interview with Alex Gibson, Co-Founder of Paraglide:

Alex Gibson from Paraglide StartupQ: Alex tell us your story and something more about Paraglide?

A: Myself and my co-founder both have multiple startups under our belts. Personally, I have two prior successful exits, and Paraglide is my next venture. We started Paraglide because we’ve both been in positions where we were exceptionally unhappy with our jobs. We believe that there is a way to improve employee happiness (which, of course, has a direct effect on customer happiness, employee retention, and even top-line revenue). Our mission is to help people love their jobs, and we’re doing so by focusing on the things that employers often forget: employee perks and perk programs.

Q: What are biggest benefits of using it?

A: Number 1, by far, is the idea that improving employee happiness actually adds real, tangible ROI to a business. Don’t believe me? Check out our blog post about the ROI of Happy Employees. Employers who have a well-developed, socialized employee perk program experience lower employee churn and higher employee productivity, both of which lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue.


Q: What’s your monetization plan?

A: We’re not 100% sure of the actual numbers just yet, but we do know that businesses will pay based on the number of employees using the platform. Our goal right now is to build an amazing product, then start charging for it.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Add value to our customers – that’s it. We, for better or worse, are in the realm of “enterprise software” – a class that often leads to bad products, terrible contracts, and disgruntled users. Both of us (my cofounder and I) have years of experience in this world, and want to build a product and a company that is fundamentally different. The customer comes first – this means great user experience, user interface, and real, tangible ROI. To answer the question directly: we are building a product that will pay dividends for tens of thousands of companies over the coming years.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using Paraglide?

A: Return on investment is the easiest way to approach it. You can read the above blog post, but at the core, everyone understands that happy employees and an improved corporate culture lead directly to a better company with better returns. Beyond that, if you’re thinking “my employees are already happy” or “I love my job. I don’t need Paraglide!” think about all of the perks and programs that companies like Google and SAS offer. No matter who you are, you can improve the quality of work life for yourself and your employees – Paraglide simply offers the platform to do that.

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