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PayCertify – Helps Merchants Eliminate The Fraud And Reduce Chargeback Ratios

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PayCertify helps merchants process card not present transactions. Knowing the process and what the risk departments are looking for gives PayCertify a tremendous advantge over other competing products. Offering the fraud prevention, merchant and consumer interaction and if a chargeback occurs the entire representment process to make sure merchants get paid on every transaction. Below is our interview with Chase Harmer, President of PayCertify:


Q: Chase, tell us something more about the company and your history?

A: PayCertify was initially created to eliminate no shows at hotels and while we were creating that software product, we realized that there was a much bigger problem in the Card Not Present space with a much larger opportunity to help many more merchants and help protect a much larger consumer base. Coming from the acquiring industry as a credit card processor and working with tens of thousands of merchants and working with the banks that facilitate the chargeback process we have seen the problems with the process and being able to link consumers with transactions and merchants with consumers to prove legitmacy of the transaction from both the fraud standpoint and illegitamate fraud stemming from consumer denial of a legitamate transaction for both services and tangible items. Knowing the process and what the risk departments are looking for and what we are able to provide gives PayCertify a tremendous advantge over other competing products, but also allows us to be a complete solution from soup to nuts. Offering the fraud prevention, merchant and consumer interaction and if a chargeback occurs the entire representment process to make sure our merchants get paid on every transaction. Being the ONLY fraud company specifically catering the MOTO vertical allows us to offer a unique solution that is currently not available currently unless utilizing the PayCertify product and the future for our company and the verticals we serve is very large and has tremendous potential.

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Q: How does Paycertify differ from its competition?

A: We are the only fraud prevention company built specifically for merchants taking payments over the phone or through direct marketing channels such as television, magazine, call center operations or sales centers focused on phone payments or other mail or telephone order channels. We are also the only company that has the abilty to eliminate first party fraud for legitmate charges as well as criminal fraud. We do this with our propriotary process linking customers to transactions made which can only be authenticated by the actual customer as well our our ability to pull device information from orders taken over the phone, which currently no other software or fraud prevention company in the industry can currently provide.

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Q: You’ve recently changed your name to “Paycertify”, would you tell us something more?

A: With our process we have pioneered a way to eliminate first party fraud and criminal fraud and we are so confident in our process that we guarantee the transaction to the merchant once authenticated. Once authenticated we provide a certificate of guarantee to the merchant on that transaction, which from a business standpoint seemed like a great time to change the name with the roll out of the guarantee offering.

Q: What can we expect from Paycertify in the future?

A: We will continue to make the product more robust and offer more enhanced capabilities. We are currently working on integrating a fully integrated processing solution in addition to fully integrated crms, api calls and other enhanced fraud detection features.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Paycertify that people might not know about?

A: PayCertify is a completely white labeled solution so all communication emails and text look like they are coming from the actual merchant and we also have the ability to board new merchants for additional processing accounts and have the abilty to work in every low to high risk vertical in the card not present space. Our ability to also set up processing accounts for our merchants brings enhanced value to merchants requiring additional cap space and for all their other existing processing accounts they can add payceritfy as a stand alone product to help eliminate the fraud and reduce chargeback ratios on those accounts.

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