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Peterson Partners Raises $265 Million For Tenth Private Equity Fund

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Peterson Partners successfully raises $265 million for their tenth private equity fund, focusing on investing in growth-oriented companies in the lower middle market. The firm emphasizes long-term support and strategic guidance for entrepreneurs across diverse industries. Initial investments include Dura Software, Packsize, and Kelso, highlighting their commitment to innovation and sustainable growth.

How Peterson Partners Continues to Shape the Private Equity Landscape

Peterson Partners, a Utah-based investment firm, has made a significant mark in the private equity sector over the past two decades. With a strong focus on the lower middle market, Peterson Partners has consistently supported growth-oriented entrepreneurs and businesses. The firm’s successful history is highlighted by the recent milestone of raising $265 million for its tenth private equity fund, showcasing its enduring commitment and expertise in the field.

Raising $265 Million: A Testament to Trust and Expertise

Securing $265 million for Fund X demonstrates the trust and confidence that investors have in Peterson Partners. This fundraising success is attributed to the firm’s robust track record and the long-term relationships it has cultivated with its investors. Key figures within the firm, such as Clint Peterson and Brett Stohlton, have emphasized the importance of these relationships, noting that many investors have been with them for over twenty years. The successful raise is a reflection of the firm’s dedication to supporting entrepreneurs and their vision, providing not just capital but also strategic guidance and support.

Investing in the Lower Middle Market

Peterson Partners focuses on the lower middle market, which includes companies typically generating revenues between $5 million and $100 million, with EBITDA ranging from $2 million to $20 million. This market segment is crucial as it includes businesses that are often overlooked by larger private equity firms but have significant growth potential. Peterson Partners targets investments in a range of industries including software, business services, healthcare, and consumer sectors. The firm’s investment range for Fund X is between $10 million and $25 million, aimed at fueling the growth of these promising enterprises.

Building and Supporting Great Businesses

Over the years, Peterson Partners has played a pivotal role in building and nurturing over 300 businesses. The firm’s approach goes beyond mere financial support; it involves rolling up their sleeves to work alongside entrepreneurs in solving problems, delighting customers, and fostering growth. Notable portfolio companies such as Packsize, NMA, and Blue Raven Solar exemplify the success stories of Peterson Partners’ investments. Testimonials from entrepreneurs highlight the firm’s ability to add value through deep insights and strategic guidance, ultimately driving growth and building lasting enterprises.

This in-depth approach to private equity investment, coupled with a focus on long-term relationships, sets Peterson Partners apart as a significant player in the lower middle market.

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Spotlight on Fund X Investments

Fund X has already made significant strides with investments in three notable companies: Dura Software, Packsize, and Kelso. Dura Software specializes in acquiring and managing niche B2B SaaS companies, focusing on long-term value creation. Packsize offers sustainable, smart packaging solutions tailored for e-commerce and retail, emphasizing efficiency and environmental responsibility. Kelso is a leader in commercial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services, showcasing a strong track record in a crucial industry sector. These initial investments highlight Peterson Partners’ strategic approach and commitment to supporting diverse and high-potential businesses.

Meet the Team: Driving Innovation and Growth

The success of Peterson Partners is largely driven by its experienced and dedicated team. Key figures such as Clint Peterson, Managing Partner, and Brett Stohlton, Partner, bring extensive expertise and a hands-on approach to the firm’s operations. The team’s collaborative culture fosters innovation and growth, enabling them to provide valuable insights and support to portfolio companies. By working closely with entrepreneurs, the Peterson Partners team helps navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Implications for the Private Equity and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The launch of Fund X and its subsequent investments have significant implications for the private equity landscape and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Peterson Partners’ focus on the lower middle market addresses a critical gap, providing much-needed capital and support to promising businesses that may otherwise struggle to secure funding. This approach not only fuels the growth of individual companies but also contributes to broader economic development. By investing in diverse industries and fostering innovation, Peterson Partners is helping to drive progress and create value across multiple sectors.

Looking Ahead: Peterson Partners’ Vision for the Future

Peterson Partners remains committed to its long-term vision of supporting exceptional entrepreneurs and building enduring businesses. The firm plans to leverage emerging trends and technologies to stay ahead in the evolving private equity landscape. Future goals include expanding their investment portfolio, exploring new industries, and continuing to refine their strategic approach. By maintaining a focus on growth and innovation, Peterson Partners aims to sustain its legacy of success and make a lasting impact on the private equity sector.

Wrapping Up the Journey

The successful raise of $265 million for Fund X marks a significant milestone for Peterson Partners, underscoring their expertise and commitment to supporting growth-oriented entrepreneurs. With a clear focus on the lower middle market, the firm continues to build and nurture businesses across diverse industries. As Peterson Partners looks to the future, their strategic investments and dedicated team will play a crucial role in shaping the private equity landscape and driving economic progress. Through their enduring relationships and hands-on approach, Peterson Partners is poised to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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