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PINpoint Information Systems – Makes Manufacturing Flexible, Efficient And Trouble-Free

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PINpoint Information Systems is leading the way with their web-based configurable plant floor management system. Manufacturers in various industries have already made PINpoint the solution of choice for their manufacturing execution strategies. PINpoint’s advanced system is able to tell you everything about every product you ever built, including the people involved and their qualifications for the job. In order to learn more about their software we sat down with Anthony Borges, Marketing Manager at PINpoint:

Anthony Borges

Q: Anthony, could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to PINpoint?

A: For 20 years PINpoint has been on the leading edge of technology throughout the evolution of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) or Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software. Today PINpoint is in use across the World in multiple languages by leading manufacturers who have pushed the advancement of the software forward since 1997.

Manufacturing optimization is the only focus at PINpoint; our lean manufacturing solution is all about eliminating waste, reducing cost, improving efficiency, and improving quality. Our turn-key approach to manufacturing execution ensures customers all the features and benefits of an easy to use, web configurable plant floor management system.

Working with OEM customers like Caterpillar, Navistar, Perkins and Hyundai have confirmed our position as a leader in the industry. PINpoint Andon and MES system solutions have also played a major role at Lear, JCI, AWTEC, Magna, Automodular, Arvin Meritor, Benteler and Hamilton Sundstrand on projects supplying content to leading manufacturers Nissan, Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Boeing.

PINpoint’s Andon 3D and MES PRO software are ready for integration out-of-the-box, saving time and money while providing a thoroughly proven lean manufacturing solution. Users of our software today attest to it being a formidable error-proofing system that empowers them to increase manufacturing efficiencies while delivering a positive return on investment.

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Q: Could you explain the function and advantages of your MES PRO manufacturing execution system?

A: Modern manufacturing practices demand the flexibility of running many products down a single assembly line while maintaining the quality and efficiency necessary to succeed in a competitive, global economy. This requires a global strategy to monitor and control all aspects of your plant floor processes that can impact quality and efficiency. MES PRO is an out-of-the-box manufacturing execution system that both ‘monitors’ and ‘controls’ all aspects of manufacturing; creating a closed loop of accountability in manufacturing operations.

Plant floor controls is the area most MES systems typically deflect to their local programmable logic controller (PLC) integrator, which typically leads to expensive custom solutions. PINpoint’s MES PRO differs greatly in that it manages the chaos of assembly lines with nothing more than a website browser. It is the industries most proven web based configurable plant floor management system that adopts to specific manufacturing requirements on-the-fly; and it is flexible, and scalable for the long-term, to grow with the manufacturer as their operations expand.

Whether a customer wishes to start with andon, production monitoring or comprehensive plant floor control, one station or an enterprise, PINpoint has a proven solution ready for turn-key implementation. MES PRO allows manufacturers to track products; a configurable strategy that drives granularity of data while providing visibility of your product throughout the entire process. MES PRO creates integrity of process by managing all plant floor activities from the operator to the equipment, creating a solid defense to ensure defective products do not pass.

MES PRO manages all shop floor data, recording and storing it for further analysis. PINpoint MES PRO’s advanced production monitoring generates laser focused data on everything you do on the plant floor while the latest data analytics technology transforms that data into meaningful reports to drive proactive management decisions.

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Q: You’ve recently announced the release of Andon 3D; tell us something more?

A: Andon 3D is a cutting-edge manufacturing software which is the industries most evolved for assembly line communications, product tracking, and manufacturing reporting. Much more than traditional andon systems that feature stack lights and push buttons, Andon 3D is able to provide manufactures valuable insight into their manufacturing operations, essential information they need to know on how an assembly line is really running in order to maximize error-proofing and improve quality.

Andon 3D is a tool set that identifies the myriad of every day scenarios that play out on the assembly line; it then provides manufacturers instant visibility of that information. It helps manufacturers visualize every action, good or bad, that has a direct impact on efficiency. Manufacturers can now easily meet their daily demands of quality, efficiency and flexibility with a readymade software solution. Andon 3D is a modern approach to every day manufacturing challenges and it is essential for improving Goal, Planned, Actual and OEE targets.

At the foundation of Andon 3D technology is PINpoint’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) called MES PRO: a long-term proven web based configurable plant floor management solution. Andon 3D includes many of the features found in the MES system, which makes it the ideal entry to develop your future manufacturing execution system strategy. It includes features like SmartBuild, which Engineers can access by opening a website to visualize and configure assembly line operations in real-time from any computer, tablet or Smartphone.

On the assembly line, station operators interact with their own SmartScreen touch displays at each work station. They provide the line worker info she/he needs to complete assembly process steps, and the timing. It also presents the line worker with Andon help buttons for when issues arise, as when time is running out, in order to call for help to avoid a line stoppage. Please see the image below for additional SmartScreen features.

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Q: What are the main benefits for manufacturers?

A: From OEE to Waterfall Reports, operating efficiency is the focus of any good manufacturing operation. PINpoint’s MES PRO and Andon 3D products provide manufacturers the visibility to identify where it is in their manufacturing processes improvements can be made to increase manufacturing efficiencies and product quality.

The problem is that most manufacturing operations management systems lack the sophistication to generate data with the resolution to provide meaningful metrics from the shop floor. MES PRO and Andon 3D put performance metrics forefront for all to see; whether displayed prominently on every operator’s SmartScreen user interface so there is no question as to how work is progressing compared to cycle time; or as meaningful reports as output using MES PRO and Andon 3D’s production analytics database search tools. This allows manufacturers to create customized reports essential for continuous improvement.

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Q: What are your plans for the next six months?

A: The year two-thousand and seventeen (2017) marks the second-decade anniversary for PINpoint Information Systems and brings with it many more Industry firsts in manufacturing operations management. Building on our leading fastening operation error-proofing technology, the latest version of PINpoint software 4.12 features a new data visualization tool for assembly line workers. By displaying the Torque, Angle, and both the Controller and PINpoint Limits, station operators have a clear understanding of how they are progressing in their fastening process steps. The image above shows a sample window from the SmartScreen client; it illustrates the current fastening operation’s rundown detail.

Further, PINpoint is excited to announce the release of a cutting-edge manufacturing reporting data visualization system that takes the guesswork out of interpreting manufacturing statistics; it is a manufacturing intelligence and business intelligence tool with the power to communicate continual improvement objectives using video playback. It affords engineering managers the ability to actually ‘play-back’ a summary of production shifts in their website browser, at a selectable speed, to really hone in to see exactly when there was an impact on manufacturing efficiency.

Essentially, it allows managers to drill down in the data quickly to identify the root of the problem. This development eliminates all need to subjective quantification of production problems, and provides real-time feedback of what is really happening on your shop floor.

PINpoint Information System’s manufacturing execution system (MES) software is meticulously designed and tested to ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ (ITIL) standards before any official version release. Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, PINpoint services industry internationally from their offices in Canada, the United States, and China.

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