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PlaySight Raises $11M Series C Funding To Connect The Next Generation Of Athletes With The Latest Sports Technologies

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PlaySight is a multisports interactive cloud platform. The company aims to improve athlete sports performance through SmartCourt technology, stats and video analytics. To find out more about their innovative platform we sat down with Chen Shachar, the ‎Founder & CEO of PlaySight Interactive Ltd.:

Chen Shachar

Q: You’ve recently announced $11 Million Series C founding round; could you tell us something more?

A: Verizon Ventures and Greg Norman led our latest investment round of $11 million. The goals of this investment for them are many, including – to further PlaySight’s SmartCourt expansion into tennis, basketball and many other sports, and to introduce PlaySight technology to the golfing world. For us, the goal is simple – expand upon our vision of connecting the next generation of athletes on our SmartCourt technology platform.

Greg Norman is an incredible global brand in golf and sports, and Verizon Ventures (the venture capital arm of Verizon) has many technological synergies with us. We couldn’t have found better partners that share our vision for connection and disruption in the sports space.

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Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to PlaySight?

A: Our technology itself has its roots in the Israeli military, and we have offices in Tel Aviv, New Jersey, Los Angeles and Germany, and SmartCourts in over 20 countries. We founded PlaySight back in 2013, and since then have built our global footprint to close to 700 SmartCourts across the top teams, leagues and facilities – particularly in tennis. We are working with nearly 40 NCAA programs in the United States, and top federations – Tennis Canada, the USTA, Tennis Australia, Germany, France, and several others.

We also have SmartCourts powering the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, the 2017 NCAA Champion North Carolina Tar Heels, and several other top teams in the US, China, Europe and several other countries.

Our biggest differentiation compared to other cloud-based sports platforms is that we are athlete-focused. SmartCourts all do a variety of things – live stream, record video, connect with stats and analytics technologies, automate broadcasting, and much more – but at the core we are focused on player development and athletic improvement.

Q: How does SmartCourt platform work?

A: A PlaySight SmartCourt is an interactive system composed of permanently installed high-performance HD cameras connected to the internet and PlaySight cloud. This connection is what turns a court into a SmartCourt. Our technology is customized and configured for every sport – tennis being our first and largest sport, to basketball and on (baseball, hockey, soccer, football, fustal, volleyball, dance martial arts, wrestling, swimming and more).

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Q: What are the benefits for players who are using your solutions?

A: Our technology has something to offer all levels of the market – from top NBA players like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to rising juniors, college stars, and recreational athletes. The use cases are all different. As mentioned already, SmartCourts live stream, they record video, they offer stats and analytics, and much more. No two customers (individual athletes, teams, coaches, academies, schools and so on) use PlaySight in the same way. And we love that. We’re simply arming the next generation of athletes with the very best sports technology in the world.

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