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Startup PlayWith – Discover, Join And Orginize Sport Activities Around You

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PlayWith is transforming how people discover, organize and participate in sports and fitness activities in local communities. PlayWith encourages you to meet new people in the local sport community and have a lot of fun at the same time. Here is recent interview with Alexander Malov, founder of PlayWith and CEO Viclone:

alexander-malov-PlayWithQ: What is PlayWith?

A: PlayWith is a platform that aims to transform how people discover, organize and participate in sports and social activities in their local communities.

Social networks only claim that they are building communities whereas too often they are just helping people spend even more time staring at a screen in isolation.

Existing fitness oriented social networks never suggest calling a friend to go for a run. Rather, they encourage going by yourself and then telling all your friends all about it on Facebook.

It is easier to sit down at a computer, open game and in a matter of seconds, you can be playing a game with complete strangers. Online multiplayer is great, but there’s nothing quite like playing together with friends a team sport or activity.

With PlayWith, our goal is to bring people together to the same physical space to enjoy their favorite sports and activities.

Think back to those games you played at the arcade, or on the playground, or on your friend’s couch. Many of our favorite gaming memories come from playing with friends and sometime strangers when you were a kid. Somehow we have managed to loose some of this magic. PlayWith aims to change that. Be a kid, again!


Q: What’s the biggest benefit for the users?

PlayWith connects people around the activities that they love to play, and makes it easy to do so. Sports and games are an amazing vehicle to meet new people and make new friends.

PlayWith makes it easy to meet new people in the local community wherever you are. Discover what sport activities are happening around you. Effortlessly organize and join activities, and never be short of people to play sports with.

This may be especially relevant in our mobile society when moving between cities or even countries, or even when traveling for leisure. PlayWith makes it easy to continue to practice your favorite activities wherever you may be. Even if you do not have a large local social network to leverage.

Getting people to play together should not be so hard. With PlayWith you can easily setup a quick pick-up game of football after work, discover weekend sport activities taking place at the local park or find a jogging buddy for your morning run. Sports and games are just more fun together.

Q: Tell us something more about your role at Viclone?

A: After working in B2B SaaS space as a CEO of Viclone. PlayWith is a breath of fresh air. A side project that allows me to dabble in something different and do something that is adjacent to my sports passions. I skydive, kite-surf, surf, wake-board and do play a handful of other sports.

At Viclone we are helping companies have smarter and more efficient conversations with customers. The internet has been trans-formative in helping companies reach more customer quickly but has created a customer communication problem that companies are failing to meet. Customer communication volume is growing and it is simply too expensive to attend all of them using live agents. A typical ticket costs $15 to the company and takes 25 hours for the customer to get a response.

Viclone uses patented natural language processing algorithms, artificial intelligence and some magic to automate customer service interactions.

Viclone creates automated intelligent solutions for customer interaction and engagement with a touch of humanity.

Our solutions allow companies to attend everyone, instantly, in a scalable and cost-efficient manner. Additionally, these solutions allow companies to work outside of business hours, increase customer service efficiency and gather invaluable customer intelligence.

Viclone is the next generation of online customer service.

Q: What’s coming up next for you?

A: We are working hard to deliver a game changing (literally and figuratively) platform. We are aiming for Apple App Store release at the end of July or beginning of August. Design and usability remain the main focus. It is paramount for the app too look great and be incredibly simple to use. There are also a few surprises coming that are not public for now ;)

Following a successful iOS launch we will port the app to Android platform and begin localizing the app for markets, both language and in terms of available activities to tailor to tailor to local tastes.

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